Full Moon Indian Guides & Karmic Ocean Feet

Full Moon Indian Guide
The moon was so bright, that it backlit the trees. And of course, as I played in MagicHour last night, trying to get a nice enhancement of the clouds and got ready to post to Instagram (the flare was not produced by a filter), I noticed the face in the tree (check around 2 o’clock if the moon was the center of the dials).

Later today, when I played the game of “find waldo” with my roomies, mama-roomie noticed even more. I saw an Indian face last night as I uploaded to IG. Old & wise, like a guide; staring out into a field of possibilities. Then it expanded and suddenly we saw the younger, bigger warrior indian brave taking up the whole fuckin’ tree (check 3 o’clock, it’s a profile shot, looking the same direction as Indian Wise Man, except the trunk of the tree and it’s branches form his feather and rather elaborate headdress. This one is defintitely harder to see but will reveal himself to you eventually.) And I see a third smaller Medicine Man face, staring directly at me/into the camera.

Photography: This photo was taken with my thunderbolt. No flash, full zoom (8 mega pixels). A big no-no in digital photography but I break the rules. Every artist will. At some point. Look what I found when I did?

Pretty amazing.

And there’s more… About a month or so ago, I visited Newport Beach and held my thunderbolt over my feet, trying to capture the waves rolling in & around them. My Reiki Healer told me “ocean waves heal karma!” Also & especially after attunements, so do organic apple cider vinegar and Epsom salt therapeutic baths. In this photo, which I shared weeks ago on Facebook, I explained what I saw.

Karmic Ocean Feet

i’m loving this photo i snapped at the beach last wednesday. i see a face, clearly, in the sand next to my left foot. this stuff has been going on since last summer in oregon. also of note: a large heart in the lower right hand corner and the eye of ra/horus contained in the large heart (protection). i also see hearts all over my feet; smaller ones between my two feet and vibrating between them, surrounding my right. i wonder what it all means… a smile on my face because i’m certain it means all is well in my world. i wonder what you might see if you start looking also? is your world filled with wonder? ♥ ♥ ♥ i’m grateful mine is & you’re part of it. June 9th, 2012

Photography: No wild filters on this. I think I picked something that punched up the colors so the sand looked more sandy and my blue toenails looked more electric. That’s about it.

Here’s the post I wrote last year after I visited Oregon. Down by the creek near my Grandma’s place, same thing, more invisible help.

It’s why we’re never really alone.

I know that more than ever now. We have someone looking in on us at all times. Either sharing & enjoying the ride with us and almost always reminding and encouraging us to remember our own magnificent worthiness. Guides, angels, loved ones just beyond the veil.

Thank you Cancer—for bringing me back to my present—moment-by-moment.


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Fires, Flowers, Fertility & Frivolity

Life is a-bloom since our new zodiac year began at the Spring Equinox, (or Ostara from the old calendar) and today, is the celebration called Beltane—meaning bel-fire—ushering in the light half of the year, a time of fertility and abundance.

Beltane or May Day, the beginning of summer.

This celebration is opposite Samhain (Halloween, or the beginning of winter) and draws a line down the center of our great wheel of life—separating it into two halves—light and dark.  Two hemispheres. Equal. Balanced. Reciprocating in ways that create & expand time & space as we understand it.

The Celtic Wheel of Life

May Day brings new light and revolutionary fervor to realize our dreams.

May 1 (May Day or Beltane) is astrologically the cross-quarter point between the equinox last March as the Sun entered Aries and the coming solstice next month in June when the Sun enters Cancer. It is a cross-quarter cycle in the heavens halfway mark between an equinox and a solstice. It is energy of being at a halfway mark and about moving forward with appreciation of what has already harvested and what can be done in the near future.” ~Sandra Helton, PhD, Sandra’s Celestial Compass for the week of April 30, 2012

[May Day] has long been considered a “power point” of the zodiac, and is symbolized by the Bull, one of the tetramorph figures featured on the tarot cards, the World and the Wheel of Fortune. (The other three symbols are the Lion, the Eagle, and the Spirit.) Astrologers know these four figures as the symbols of the four “fixed” signs of the zodiac (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius), and these naturally align with the four Great Sabbats of Witchcraft (Imbolc/Candlemas, Beltane, Lammas, & Sahmain). Christians have adopted the same iconography to represent the four Gospel writers.” Mike Nichols, Beltane – May Day: A Pagan Festival of Fertility

Beltane is one of the four great Fire Festivals in the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Celebrations include bonfires lit to honor the solar god Belos, rites of cleansing and purification, and rites to bring fertility to the land, to animals, and to the people. Now, everything gestated during the winter is born, desires are made manifest, the unconscious emerges into the light.” ~Mary Pat Lynch, Beltane! The Sun In Taurus

Beltane is a day to light bon fires, dance and hold revelry as the northern hemisphere moves toward the next season from spring to summer.” ~Sandra Helton, PhD, Sandra’s Celestial Compass for the week of April 30, 2012

Beltane is a celebration of life, love, beauty and abundance. It is an earth-centered holiday that is celebrated all over the world around May 1st—5th. The astrological date for Beltane is when the sun reaches 15 degrees Taurus, a power point in astrology, symbolic of one of the four portal times.” ~ Ingrid Jeffries, Beltane

Taurus loves to get down and dirty whether it’s into the sweet-smelling fertile soil or languishing with a lover. Beltane is a festival of pleasure and a time to remember your connection to the Earth. It’s a time to value your body and remember you are a product of creation and in turn you can create! The associations with sex at Beltane come from the idea of sympathetic magic. People would go off to the woods to make love to re-enact the bringing together of the Lord and Lady (The Sun and the Earth) which gives birth to summer and brings the promise of a bountiful harvest.” ~Leah Whitehorse, The Fires of the Bull

On May Eve, women dance with bells on their ankles and beat pots with wooden spoons to chase out shades of the old world. Such practices clear the way for the new world to be. May Day brings new light and revolutionary fervor to realize our dreams. In colonial America the Maypole became the Liberty Tree. Dancing clockwise around a Maypole or tree sets the soul free to realize destiny. A Muse Gate opens every 40 days, 9 each year. Whatever blocks creative flow comes before the Gate to be let go. This is a time to dissolve body tensions that hold outmoded ways of thinking and feeling. Breathe deeply, move freely, dance! Shed the old, open anew. Happy May Day!” ~Steve Nelson, Astrological Timing for Success May 20, 2012 – Moon Magic

You don’t have to practice Wicca to celebrate the Pagan festivals. It’s about awareness & energy. I made a commitment to myself this year to understand more deeply the traditions from the past—from the old calendar—and to understand where & why I celebrate my “holy days” (instead of mindlessly engaging in traditions taught to me, that I’ve always assumed where appropriate & right).

Starting today through Cinco de Mayo and the Scoprio Full Moon on Saturday, I will honor my own body & its connection to the cycles of the Great One through celebration & joy by creating our own Maypole in the backyard, gathering and placing fresh flowers at our homemade “altar,” smudging with sage and jumping over a few lit candles.

A Beltane Blessing

Oak and May,
On This Day,
Will both Heed
Those in Need.
Goddess Bright,
God of Sun,
Bless your Children
‘Till our days are done.

Today, and all summer long… Breathe deeply, move freely, dance!

Eternal Flame

In ancient times, when the Greeks traveled abroad, they had a ritual or practice of bringing a portion of their home fire with them as a blessing. A reminder of the linkage to the past and their homeland.

Consider our modern times ritual of Opening Ceremonies during the Olympics where this tradition remains alive today, the torch our eternal symbol.

This firey ritual also found its way into women’s lives—as the virgin bride left her mother’s home to be wed—she brought with her a sacred flame from her mother’s hearth.

Imbolc & Wicca

The First of February, or Imbolc on the Wiccan calendar, is said to belong to Brighid, a Celtic goddess of healing & the hearth, who was later sainted by the Catholic Church. She was powerful protective figure, also known as the Light-Bringer, blessing the flow of milk that heralds the return of the life-giving forces of spring. Ground Hog Day is actually a descendant of the pagan Imbolc celebration (Feast of Brighid) because the goddess Brighid was a diviner and able to “see” into the future.

Vesta & Astrology

In western astrology, we have the asteroid Vesta, goddess of the hearth and keeper of the sacred flame. Said to bear influence over the signs Virgo–the virgin, and Scorpio–associated with sex and passion, Vesta is a predictor of both your devotion and/or fanaticism.  She influences the path one should take to fulfill their dharma, or life’s mission, without which they can become frustrated and unfulfilled. The word Hearth in Latin means focus and so she also influences our ability to concentrate on a specific task or goal. In every city & home of ancient Rome, there was a sacred fire made to Vesta that was protected & not allowed to go out.

Vesta & Brighid are one in the same.

Kundalini fire. Holder of ancient secrets. Bringer of light. Power through transformation. Sex as a Divine Service. Great Mother Goddess. Protector of our Eternal sacred flame.

“Come in, Brighid, you are a hundred-times welcome!”

Today & throughout 2012, may your home fires burn brightly with nurturing safety & creativity. And may your internal passions remain ablaze in Divine soulful service.

A Universal Time Out

Beginning today, Mercury, the ruler of communication, commerce and basically your normal day-to-day activities, will appear to begin moving backward in the sky, continuing to do so until December 13th.

It is the universe’s “time-out” for all of us. Hall passes do not exist here.

Except if you were born when Mercury was retrograde. Then this “curse” becomes a keen superpower from practicing living and operating as-if Mercury was retrograde throughout your entire lifetime, rendering one immune to Mercury’s influences during its retrograde cycles.

Mercury retrogrades for three-week durations (really 5 ½ weeks if you count the Shadow Period). This happens at least three times and sometimes up to four times, each and every year.

For most of us, we will experience a range of communication, commerce and day-to-day activity interruption, resulting in a build-up of frustration and impatience due to Mercury’s backwards motion, introducing anything from inconsequential delays to complete breakdowns; communication, mechanical, technological.

Find out more about what to expect during a Mercury Retrograde cycle, or what exactly Mercury Retrograde is, and on my yearly Mercury Retrograde calendar review the dates & times for Mercury mishaps including the Shadow Period which for this cycle ends New Year’s Eve (Dec. 31st).

A common manifestation for all during times of Mercury mayhem, and why I refer to it as the universal time-out, is a shift in all our activities from one of go-go-going to slowing down and re-evaluating.

The standard Mercury Retrograde advice encourages us to engage with all words beginning with “re” and since my move last month, my new normal has been filled with many of these types of activities:

rejuvenating, relaxing, re-engineering, realizing, re-aligning, reposing, refreshing, relieving, recessing, recuperating, recreating, retreating, recovering, reclining, releasing, reprieving, reacquiring, reforming, redressing, reassembling, refuge within myself…

You get it by now.

I hope most of your holiday shopping is complete. If not, I’d wait until after the 13th, unless you like standing in the return line.

Slow down. Take a breath. And remember to smile. Mercury is known as the trickster so you can bet he will be!

If you’re interested in understanding how this Mercury Retrograde will affect you personally or understanding yourself better through Astrology, let’s chat.

Happy Thanksgiving!

With love & levity,
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Staking Your Claim

Astrology is really about timing. And studying cycles of time.

Last week was one of the most challenging weeks I can remember since my Saturn Return in 1998. And it’s basically a preview, which kinda stinks. But the good news is, that even with the most challenging transits, there is always an invitation.

On June 2, 1998, when Saturn tightly conjunct my natal Saturn by exact degree, I was fired from a job. Yeah, me! (That’ll be funny, if you know me well.)

The infamous Saturn Return. At the time, it felt devastating. I was trying to rebuild my life after my 1st divorce. I was on my own again after 8 years of marriage, in a tiny apartment with my then 4-year old Honeybee. I found myself working for a woman whose Leo Sun was smack on top of my Leo Moon. Normally, sun-moon contacts like this are an indication of good simpatico.

But I had a history with this woman. And it turned out, she had an agenda linked to that history. It’s funny when other people in your life think they know what’s appropriate for you. It’s probably the biggest mistake we make. Assuming we can understand the perspective from which another is standing and then decide for them, what is appropriate or right or what they should or should not be doing.

June 2, 1998 turned out to be the biggest blessing ever. Transiting Saturn returned to its natal position of my birth and basically, it was time to pay the piper, so-to-speak. If you’ve been a responsible, hard-working person, Saturn Returns are usually not too bad. And even if you’ve been a responsible, hard-working person, but are on a path that is not in alignment with your overall life purpose, Saturn’s scythe will take you out at your knees and make a course correction, on your behalf. (Saturn’s domain includes the archetype of father.)

June 3, 1998, I found myself in a Temp Office being put on assignment with their very large corporate client, Experian. I spent 8 years at Experian, learning all my webification shizzle. And so much more.

Being exposed to a corporate structure, it’s processes, how it functions, would be a foundation for me to jump into my own thing. This thing. I’m doing now.

Last week and now almost 13 years later, transiting Saturn is just about exactly opposite of where he was in 1998. And now, instead of feeling the oppressive weight or responsibility and combined feelings of not being able to move around in the way I want to… happening to my Self, I’m feeling it now in the area where Saturn transits my chart today: relationships (biz and intimate) and work & service or my day-to-day activities.

Last week, my working life ground to a halt. I’ve experienced days where I don’t feel as focused on work and being productive and they usually pass rather quickly. By the next day, I can feel back on track, as long as I’ve created the space to honor some “play” time (I’ve discovered play time is the antidote for those with strong Saturn/Capricorn influences).

Last week, Monday lasted all week long though. And all week long, I kept having expectations of myself to shake the heavy funk and get moving on the workload. And while this last year has been a rewarding and expansive one, I’m beginning to feel the pressure and responsibility of not only fulfilling the expectations of my clients (biz partnerships) but also maintaining many of those client structures that were developed in the very beginning of my expansion. I’ve really been trying to operate at both biz growth levels and I’m exhausted and overwhelmed.

So, what to do?

Saturn’s Invitation

Although Saturn does have a somewhat harsh reputation for being the contractor, causing feelings of depression and isolation, this planet also rules wisdom and learning via life experience.

Even with the most challenging Saturn aspects, whether transits to natal planets/house cusps or even in relationship horoscopes, where astrology evaluates the effect a relationship will have on the two individuals relating, as long as you can make the choice to embrace the lessons and/or qualities that Saturn represents, you have a chance to make it through one of these growth cycles instead of becoming a victim to the universe.

Saturn is basically asking me to slow down. Like waaaaay down. And ask myself some very important long-term strategic questions to support the growth in my business and life.

It’s time for moderation. And with so much fire (the action element in astrology) in my natal chart, my tendency in life has always been lightening-speed efficiency. I know, you thought I was the meandering Ferdinand the Bull, right? But as I’ve said before… we are not just our Sun Signs. And the firey influence of the rest of my chart modifies the behavior of the steady, nature-loving Bull.

I’m realizing there has been way too much ‘hammering it into place’ and ‘hard-work is how I justify to the universe that good things come to me.” The inner vibrational message here reveals a belief in the limiting side of Saturn.

If I can see my internal limits for what they are, I’ll support myself so much better if I focus on Saturn as the teacher, not the obstructor, and thereby develop an even deeper reservoir of inner personal strength.

Saturn represents structure and the boundaries that help to support and maintain those structures. If I am truly to keep growing, I’ll need these valuable lessons from Saturn to take with me into my ever-expanding future.

And in this way, Saturn gives me deep personal meaning and helps underline a sense of purpose, in this rather challenging and difficult time of rapid growth and expansion (due to another powerful sky player, Jupiter, in exact aspect to other sensitive areas of my chart).

Saturn’s message: Slow down. Take a deep breath. Tap into my inner reservoir of strength and wisdom, and allow it to guide me.

Astrology can be a powerful ally to your personal transformation. Or, just that stuff you read in the daily newspaper or monthly magazine column. It’s up to us individually, to use the resources at our disposal and decide to see it optimystically, or we die trying.

Last week, a part of me died. I’m in the process of laying to rest all my trying. I’ve been reborn in a deeper inner wisdom and discovered my strength lies in recognizing my ultimate purpose here is not about trying, it’s about allowing.

*Qualities of the Saturn/Capricorn archetype are represented in bold throughout this post.