Getting Your Stars On

Have you ever wondered if astrology was real or how it could help you?

Using your astrology natal profile, I offer insights that help you understand yourself and your world. I can help you discover:

  • How to keep the life-force strong in yourself
  • What kinds of experiences & relationships help you feel sane
  • Your basis for happiness (emotions, moods & instincts)
  • Ways you can help yourself feel centered, at ease, & comfortable with who you are
  • How your intelligence organizes your picture of the world
  • How you sustain your serenity in the face of life’s adventures
  • Where you draw strength to assert your will
  • Avoid repeating your past evolutionary mistakes with a look into your ancestral history, a part of your past influencing you, but ultimately not defining you which is best left behind in this lifetime
  • A look at your evolutionary future or purpose, what you’re ultimate goal for this lifetime is
  • Each consultation includes: an MP3 recording of our 55-minute conversation and a printable report (approximately 40+ pages) including your chart.

I received the most wonderful, insightful and personally relevant astrological consultation I could have imagined from Mynde. She interpreted my natal chart with wisdom, compassion, humor and skill. I am still taking in all the insights and information I received from her. I will be contacting her again for her advice. I recommend that anyone else who is ready to take a step contact her as well. ~Leigh in Los Angeles, CA

Comprehensive Astrology
Consultation, $159

55-min consult + MP3 recording +
printable chart & report

What happens after I click the Buy Now button? After I receive payment, I’ll be in contact via email to request your complete birth information (birth day month, day & year, your exact time of birth, and your City & State of birth) and to schedule your consultation.