A Time For Letting Go

I’ve noticed recently in my life and the lives of several clients, a recurrence of the theme of resisting feeling the uncomfortable stuff. For myself, the yearly passage of the Sun through the sign of Scorpio (end of October and most of November) often stirs a great depth and intensity of emotions that usually lie very low throughout the year. I often forget they are there.

Yet one of Scorpio’s primary functions is to bring forward what lay at the depth of us. And because it is a water sign, emotions are linked into this transformative process of death and renewal, reflected by the falling leaves that were only a few short months ago, thriving and nourishing its life support system. Now they surrender themselves, falling away from that comfortable place of attachment, to be crumbled to bits or strewn and scattered like ash in the wind.

It Is A Time For Letting Go

It is a time for renewal, but not the vibrant “breathe of life” renewal of Aries that comes in spring. This renewal comes from a shedding or molting, which is why the snake is often a symbol for this sign’s transformative power.

Understanding the astrological archetypes has helped me tremendously with my own growth cycles. Like life, offering to me opportunities disguised as contrast, I can choose to embrace change or resist it.

For a very long time, I’ve resisted. With everything in me. Just like my recent clients, we box ourselves off from uncomfortable feelings, judging ourselves and the feelings from within a too-narrow focus and cut ourselves off from the awareness of a divine process at work in our lives.

In the exploration of resistance, what actually happens to that emotional stuff that gets compartmentalized as we shove it away? Does it really go anywhere?

It doesn’t really. At some point in our growth process, we’ll get hit by something that triggers the repressed energy into front and center. A Pluto transit maybe. Or, if you’re a nature-loving sign like I am (Taurus) you might already be attuned, watching the skies turn, stepping into the cycle and giving yourself permission and room to grow.

But for some, this isn’t so automatic. And so we rely on the turning of the skies to help us evolve into all that we are becoming. More of our true self. The self behind the baggage.

So why do we have baggage at all? Well, from a very young age, usually before age three, we have experienced enough to teach us that uncomfortable feelings are something to avoid because we hunger so deeply for our parents love and approval.

Herein lies the road to believing our happiness is obtained from some external source. A long road, fraught with expectation; a deep yearning for things to be different than the way they are and certain conditions be met in order for our happiness to be realized.

For many of us, our need for love and approval has conditioned us into compartmentalizing uncomfortable feelings in the vein effort not to experience them. When all they really want, is our love and attention. Just like the children we once were.

When we refuse ourselves the room and spaciousness to actually feel our feelings, we create emotional baggage. Energy fields of incomplete emotional experiences. All nestled up neatly, often out of sight, but there nonetheless.

In every human interaction, we connect to one another at varying levels of intimacy. However, those connections are thwarted by the baggage of incomplete emotional experiences all tied up in our human energy field. We wonder why we can’t connect. Or how to get to deeper levels of intimacy in our most treasured relationships.

The Scorpio energy is probing and goes deep. It has a will and sense of determination unlike any other sign in the zodiac. Taurus, its opposite, is known for its stubbornness, however, you haven’t really encountered stubborn until you meet a Scorpio bent on realizing their goal.

And our emotional baggage is no match for the transformative power of Scorpio. Like a scalpel, cutting deeply, cracking us open and revealing to us that which no longer serves. And then with focused intensity, making available to us a cauterizing effect to reveal what needs to die so a transformed version of our self can be born again.

So our choice is to either turn into this cycle or resist it. And resistance is futile. Nothing can be hidden from the penetrating scope of Scorpio. It embodies the mysterious and like a universal detective, uncovers us for our healing.

Yes healing. Scorpio is an amazing healer. Even though it has a bad reputation for being obsessive and jealous, brooding and secretive and the best-ever revenge giver of the universe. It will lie in wait for the perfect time because in its darkest moments, it seeks death. Again, the transformative powers of Scorpio still at work.

Now is a perfect time to join with the transformative healing power of Scorpio to support you with the hidden parts of yourself, particularly the hidden emotional “pieces” of you.

A Process For Letting Go

One way to help resolve your old baggage is to sit quietly and think about one uncomfortable situation or feeling you’ve been avoiding. Really dare yourself to be fearless like Scorpio and provoke this feeling to the surface. Close your eyes and scan your body for the area where the emotional baggage is stored. Is it pressure in the back of your neck? Does your stomach do a topsy-turvy thing? Does your heart ache?

Once you locate the baggage, using Scorpio’s laser-like focus, feel into the center of the energy field. Like a teacher’s red laser pointer, focus on just the center of the energy field and allow yourself to feel whatever emotion is provoked. Feel it with your whole being. Stay in the center of it…

Two really important things will occur if you are fearless enough to create this experience for yourself. The first thing you’ll notice is that you don’t die. Sounds humorous, but true nonetheless. The second thing you’ll begin to notice is that the feeling begins to dissolve. Like a morning fog burning off to reveal a glistening coastal edge where earth meets sea. It might possibly feel more intense as you start, but if you stay with the center of the emotional baggage, and feel deeply into its center, an amazing miracle unfolds itself in the completion of the feeling. What is revealed… in the absence of the uncomfortable feeling itself, is the overwhelming presence of You.

And now, open your eyes and contemplate the very thing that just previously spun you out. Poke some sharp sticks at it. See if it’s alive, in there. I promise, you’ll giggle and laugh in the amazing realization of just how much larger in scope and nature the presence of your being is and how absent the previous uncomfortableness is.

And one less energetic vibrational bag’o uncomfortableness is now NOT between you and everything life is offering you, whether you are relating with a loved one or client or just being in the world.

If this technique has piqued your curiosity, or you’d like some personal one-on-one support to go deeper with it… please contact me or check out my BlogTalkRadio interview in March 2008 with the technique’s creator Tom Stone.

To fearlessly feeling your way into letting go!


11 thoughts on “A Time For Letting Go

  1. Thank you friend for this beautiful post. it came at a perfect time for me. Blessings!
    .-= Christy´s last blog ..Books That Matter =-.


  2. You are incredible and I love you bunches. Life is a process and I know that is overstated to the point that the message is lost. We crash into each other sometimes and it is the human experience. Yet when we all take personal accountability for our words, our actions, and our beliefs maybe, possibiliy, could be a change towards love for ourselves and for others. We all walk the human experience together…why do we fight each other, ourselves to explore our own contribution to this human kind?


    • @Jamie,
      Thank you for hanging out on my blog Jamie. I usually see you over on Facebook so this is a treat you came all the way over here 🙂

      Why do we fight each other? I’m not exactly sure. Because we are all in process, figuring it out? And maybe our time frame for figuring it out doesn’t always match up.

      Hugs to you my dear one!


  3. Good Morn. My latest post, inspired by a question from @MarkHeartofBiz (does he ever *not* inspire me?) http://bit.ly/MA8KV


  4. RT @MyndeMayfield: {fantastic new post! -me} http://bit.ly/MA8KV // So *that's* why I feel abt to throw out practiclly evrything I own…


  5. I’m so grateful for you taking time to explain Scorpio like this. Until our boys came along (birthday 11/11) I never had a reason to get to know Scorpio. Such an incredible relief to have the depth of insight you described here.

    Thanks, dear one.
    .-= Mark Silver´s last blog ..When Does Perfectionism Matter? =-.


  6. RT @MyndeMayfield: My latest post, inspired by a question from @MarkHeartofBiz (does he ever *not* inspire me?) http://bit.ly/MA8KV


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  9. A time for letting go. In very specific ways. Thank you @MyndMayfield- http://bit.ly/MA8KV


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