About Mynde

I’m a coach, consultant & strategizer. I’m also an artist who thrives on co-creation with some of the bravest women on earth.

Are you one of them? She’s usually another seeker, like me. She believes what I believe; that Love changes everything. She knows the only necessary effort is focus. She trusts her own magic. Believing first. Holding the vision. Expanding into that field with emotional intention. She’s playful & joy-filled.

Optimystical. My special brand of magic.

I have stories to tell you. Unfulfilled childhood fantasies. Abandonment. Divorces. Motherhood. Careers & Corporate ladders. Adultery. Betrayal. Financial failure. Coming out mid-life. My latest installment… breast cancer.

We all have our stories. I believe there is power in those stories. Each time one is re-told. Especially the ones from the past that keep us repeating a pattern. Where we experience it emotionally all over again, setting & anchoring a tone or energetic vibration into our being.

And we carry it around. Coloring every other story we tell (or re-tell). Whether it’s one from the past. Or the story we are living right now. And shit if we can’t even see and understand the power of telling the story of our future.

To tell a new story in our today, in this now moment. Is Power. To realize in your next now moment, the kind of story you’re telling and, if it suits you better, changing it. Is Magic.

Optimism is power. This is a secret discovered by all who succeed against great odds. Nelson Mandela, Ernest Shackleton, Eleanor Roosevelt—all admitted that what got them through tough times was an ability to focus on the positive. They understood what Claude Bristol called “the magic of believing.” ~Tom Butler-Bowdon

That’s the magic of optimysm.

My blog is about sharing that. How and what I’m doing to make the most out of it. Expanding and embracing everything with a deliberate focus on optimysm, wonder & Love. I’m not an expert at anything… except learning how to be more myself. Recognizing it’s always been my stories about love that move me, shake me and wake me up…

Maybe the biggest love story of my life is unfolding as the wake-up call of cancer. I’m still being with all of it. Making peace. Using my personal armament of choice, which means that I get to Love my cancer, accept it & I imagine cultivate approval of it & the powerful message it brings. Finding the place I hear many other people who are living with this diagnosis saying… that cancer is a gift. An opportunity for me to grow more deeply into the very values I cherish so much. Facing-forward optimystically, filled with wonder & learning to Love & approve of all of me (including cancer & other perceived areas of unworthiness, inadequacy & doubt) who I seem mission-bound on finding. Until, paradoxically, I arrive at the idea & feel the truth of it down deep into the marrow of my bones; she’s already here. So be it. Amen.

All fear is past. And only Love is here.