Why Newspaper Astrology Sucks

If you’ve ever read your newspaper horoscope, you know what I’m talking about. General and vague.

This is because the paper is covering one part of who you are in Astrology (and it’s Western Astrology, the type with circle charts. Vedic Astrology has square charts). I am not an expert in all kinds of Astrology. Western Astrology pretty much keeps me busy. I’m also not an expert even in Western Astrology. I find it a fascinating study in human dynamics. So did Carl Jung and Albert Einstein.

I think it’s also worth mentioning how far back Astrology goes in history. Again, I’m not a huge history buff, but the stuff is found in many of our ancient civilizations.

Are You A Believer?

Scientifically speaking, most people have a hard time believing that planets in space have “the power” to affect one’s personality, moods and even more serious, our choices (oh my!) However, if you have the opportunity to hear Tom Stone talk about neutrinos, you’ll soon see science is beginning to get its head around Astrology. The explanation of how it is possible, and why it works, is out there.

Yes. Remember what it was like before the movie What The Bleep Do We Know?

Ok, back to why newspaper astrology sucks.

On the day you were born, the sky was full of planets, stars, asteroids, and the Sun & Moon. The paper usually covers your Sun sign. That’s it.

Your Sun Sign is a big deal, don’t get me wrong. It’s a pretty big deal in how we express to the world. So, in a way, it seems like it should be more on the mark. Maybe we just have high expectations. Sometimes the Sun scope is not always wrong either.

Astrology Stew

But from an Astrological perspective, we are much more than just our Sun sign. Each part of our human personalities is uniquely expressed because each of the planets has a role or assignment.

Your birth chart is ultimately most like a recipe card. Each of us has the same ingredients, just arranged in different proportions. This is why some people “mix” better with you and others do not.

What? You still want to know what your Sun sign is all about? The good news is there are several ways to do this. In fact, since this is my blog post I will say right now I read Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone each and every month. I think she is one of the best sun sign writers around.

But when you are ready to go big league with Astrology, the critical factor will be your birth time. Birth time gives us a couple of really important pieces of your astrological recipe.

First, the houses of your birth chart. The houses describe an area of life where something is likely to be played out. Like an actor’s stage. Some of these houses, or stages, can represent home & family, while others involve your public status or image, or your career, your friends and romance too.

Since the astrological “houses” of the birth chart are known using the birth time, the rising sign or Ascendant can also be determined. The rising sign or Ascendant is the mask we show the world. Where the Sun is how we express our personality, the rising sign is actually the lens through which we view the entire chart, including the Sun. So the rising sign is also very significant and never considered in newspaper astrology, which is another reason why newspaper astrology sucks.

Finally, newspaper astrology sucks because it sells the idea that you need to read Astrology everyday and/or that something outside yourself has the answers (which is really two reasons in one).

Not Over-Doing Your Stew

As I’ve studied astrology and come to understand more and more about it, I have rarely had the need to review my horoscope on a daily basis. That is a bit obsessive. The planets also do not really change drastically from day to day except for the moon, which changes signs about every 2 ½ days. And that only really matters if you are a Cancer.

As for the answers outside yourself, well that’s when you don’t trust yourself or your process. Astrology is not a faith or religion, not that those will save you either. All answers we seek in this journey, whether from Astrology or otherwise, should be tested against your own inner knowing-ness. When something is true for you, it’s a pretty undeniable sensation.

I invite you to see for yourself what Astrology has to say about you. Yes, it will be foreign. Yes it will be an overwhelming map of glyphs and legends and yes, you will need an interpreter to help you travel down your astrology rabbit hole. That’s what I’m here for.

Start with understanding your Sun sign’s characteristics, whether that’s Virgo or Aquarius or Aries. Next, go deeper into your personal astrological profile by understanding your rising sign (and start reading your rising sign’s horoscope too). Finally, newbies will also want to understand your Moon’s sign.

These three pieces (the Sun, Moon and Rising signs) are the best place to begin. Visit Astro.com to create your own free chart and then visit Astrologycom.com to begin understanding the essence of your Sun, Moon and rising signs.

Easier is to order a report and I’ll email it to you. You’ll get your three biggies and much more.

Happy star gazing!


2 thoughts on “Why Newspaper Astrology Sucks

  1. Um, BEST article overview of astrology ever. This is essentially what I try to tell people every time they ask me about astro basics and what have you, and really in the future I think I’ll send this this link 😀


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