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If you are into astrology and would like a chart or consultation with me, you’re in the right place!

Personal Astrology ReportWhat Do The Stars Say About You? Have you ever wondered if astrology was real or how it could help you?
60 Minute Comprehensive Astrology Consult (natal or transit) + Printable Report + MP3, $159… (more)
Astrology Relationship Compatibility Horoscopes Are You Compatible?Are you trying to decide whether you’ve found the one? Get a guided tour of your relationship from an astrological perspective. Printable Report Only, $39… (more)

Astrology Prediction Report Having A Birthday?Get a thorough report on what to expect in the upcoming year — and exactly when with a detailed interpretation of your solar return chart. Printable Report Only, $39… (more)


Leigh Ellis in Los Angeles, CA

“I received the most wonderful, insightful and personally relevant astrological consultation I could have imagined from Mynde. She interpreted my natal chart with wisdom, compassion, humor and skill. I am still taking in all the insights and information I received from her. I will be contacting her again for her advice. I recommend that anyone else who is ready to take a step contact her as well.”

Desiree in Seattle, WA

My astrology consult with Mynde provided exactly the insight I needed. I came to her looking for reassurance that I was on the right path in making some big life changes during the upcoming year and I walked away with the information I needed as well as some important, yet unexpected, reminders about key life themes. Mynde combines her expert coaching skills and intuition with an ability to make sense out of the overwhelming world of astrology soup.

Charlie Gilkey Portland, OR

“If you need help finding yourself, talk to @MyndeMayfield. She seriously rocked my existential world this evening in a good, needed way.”


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