Does The Technical Stuff Really Help Me Grow My Biz?

It’s 2010. Another day in a new economy. The one we are in the midst of redefining and rebuilding as we go.

The Internet has become an everyday tool. It certainly doesn’t appear to be going anywhere (as in going away) and instead is opening up our views and perspectives, making things from across the planet appear instantly in a web browser.

When we need something (directions, find the new book we want to read, even to hire someone for something), we usually head straight away over to Google.

I tell my clients incessantly, “Google is your friend!” and I can generally find just about anything I need or want with Google’s powerful search engine.

It’s kinda like how the Dewey Decimal system impacted the local library, right? Except, now information is at the tip of your fingers, via Google.

Why Blogging Is A Smart Idea For Small Biz Owners

Today’s new economy. The one we are rebuilding together. Seriously leaning into the optimysm here.

Yet if anything is going to change, it’s starts with each of us on an individual level. I mean, isn’t that why you’re in business? To help others with what you’ve got? To contribute on that individual level?

And even if you’ve stayed the traditional methods of growing a business, you would be remiss if you’ve not looked at leveraging the Internet. Except, chances are you are overwhelmed with where to start and which path will promise an end-result for your business.

And even so, while we’re doing nothing web-wise, it does nothing to change the fact that more and more people are going to Google instead of digging around in the hall closet for their Yellow Pages.

Specific Advantages of Being Web Presenced

I love this idea of leverage. Leverage, to me, is so smart. Because it’s about doing more with less. And that’s a huge state of grace for me. Leverage is smarter, healthier, more sustainable in the long run for me.

Leverage works in a ton of ways online. But, for now, I want to talk about the leverage of good content.

The piece I love about being web-presenced is that every page of content I create is like a member of my virtual business staff. Hanging out. At the storefront. Waiting for the next passer-by.

So even if I am away, I don’t really have to be… which is the game-changer itself.

And then my challenge as a biz owner becomes more about connecting, revealing, and telling stories that resonate with those that only my voice speaks to. And once I get that piece; the more I put out, the more I get back.

Speaking of connecting… another advantage is with virtual relationships. It’s where it’s at, if you’re growing a business online. Whether I am connecting with clients or collaborators of any kind (coaches, biz partners, etc.), I’m doing it virtually. Twitter, Facebook, Blogging… connecting (networking) in the new economy!

The biggest advantage to having your small biz online: Leverage; in content, in relationships and much, much more.

Beginnings… And Not Knowing If You Need A Blog Or Web Site

Here you go, a bit of peace of mind… what if I said it’s not an either/or decision? Yes. You can have both or one or none (hopefully none is off the table at this point).

Your options:

  • a traditional website
  • a website with a newsletter or some other opt-in
  • a blog and a tribe (community of people)

Traditional website is fine and good. It works. But it just sits there. We are human beings. We like interactivity. We’re looking to connect in some way. Going (I think) is people hiding in corporate-y entities and biz structures. Coming is the new economy where I contribute by doing my own thang; leveraging new systems, tools, relationships.

Website with newsletter or other opt-in, well now we’re getting somewhere. You’re actually asking visitors to part with something they have and is actually very highly prized in the Information Age… their name & email address. But, if you have something cool they want (ebook, tips, help with their specific challenge, etc.), they’ll happily give it up!

Blog & Tribe, the big kahuna. 🙂 Tribe: A following of people who are somewhere between “I think you’re cool” to “I’m totally freakin’ nuts about you and will do anything you ask me to.”

Blogging is how you build the tribe. Telling your version of the truth. Helping other people. Everyday. One post at a time.

For more on Blog or Web Site, I have another post where I talk about it.

Using Blogging Tools For Your Business

Part of being a business owner is cutting costs, lowering expenses. Using blogging tools is the smartest, most efficient way to build any of the three web-presence-y options. Even if you are not going to be blogging, you can set it up to look like a traditional web site. True story.

Plus a blog is already built and set up in a way to leverage the Internet itself. All blog platforms will have a built-in RSS feed, which is just a fancy way to say that it’s ready to easily pass your content on (get viral). Plus the search engines treat blogs a little differently because they know content is written/updated almost daily… so it’s checks for those frequently. This is called indexing and it’s a really good thing.

Plus you don’t have to learn (much) HTML.  😉

You’ll get real-time feedback (comments) which help you begin building relationships immediately.  Relating to your visitors, helping them.

So, you see, it’s not just about the technical stuff… it’s about helping people. And getting the technical stuff to help you so you can help them.

How can I help you today?

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