Success Factors For Entrepreneurial Leadership

Web Presence Essentials by Mynde Mayfield

  • Understand what the web presencing process will require from you personally, not only to get there but also stay the course.
  • Find out the number one thing that stops women from completing their webification process, and
  • Strategies for handling your moments of not knowing on your web presencing journey.

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You’re about to receive Chapter One from my new ebook Web Presence Essentials.

It’s the first 20 pages or so of my heart & soul that I wrote this past Christmas.

My hope is that it gives you a taste of what you can expect. It is the least technical part of the book. Although seemingly technology should be the primary subject, really it isn’t. It’s You.

And in this first chapter I’m speaking as plainly as I can about what you can expect on the road to creating an authentic and soulful web presence. Not just the how-to technical parts, but the most important You-parts too.

So, enjoy. And if you like it, find value from it, please come back to my website and pick up your full copy. Where I get into more nitty-gritty stuff. How-to stuff. Recommendations to other expert resources. And a pathway you can follow with any web designer to help you with your web presencing process.

Big huge thank you’s for your interest
in Web Presence Essentials. Ready?

Download Your Free Chapter

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