Because life & business are essentially One.

We were all born to create. To be creative. As technology & biz (and really all of life) continue to converge, where will you be? Where do you want to be? I’m creating the kind of world in which I want to live & work (play). Where honesty, creativity & soulful purpose are the qualities encouraging us to innovate & rise through entrepreneurial leadership. If you’d like to join the revolution, here’s how I can help you.

Expanding You

Coaching for Love, Life, Health & Healing

Survival Strategies, Empowerment, Grace, Humor 

I help people change the way they think & feel about cancer and beyond. Offering you my own unique gifts & perspectives for health and healing so you can live well with any illness; supporting you to align with the your wellness and be empowered to reclaim your beautiful life!  More here »


What’s the haps astrologically speaking for you, personally? Find out with a personal one-on-one astrology consultation with me or order a custom astrology report about yourself or your relationship. Shop now »

Expanding Your Biz

Products & Services for your WordPress website & online business

Web Presence Essentials, the ebook

My 68-page ebook is everything you need to know to get online with your heart & soul in tact! Find out more here »

Website Consulting

Let’s review what you got goin’ on & create a plan to make it bettah. Maybe you’re getting ready to launch & you’ve done it all your self. You want a professional to look things over, give you a few pointers; about your content, how it’s organized. Is your message getting through? Click here for more info »

WordPress Video Library

For the DIYers. Super affordable as in FREE. Always available. A library filled with WordPress Thesis Video Tutorials with many of my custom 5-minute video answers to your WordPress questions + other expert answers I’ve gathered from around the web.
Open 24/7 »

Video by: February 2011.


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