What are you expecting?

Yes, you are important. And so are your needs.

And, I’m a coach & web presencer who is committed to walking my talk and letting go of any need to prove anything to you. I believe in a new entrepreneurial paradigm that has an appropriate balance of work & play. And I do both: work & play; on & offline.

I trust I can do what I love without feathering your nest (ie., playing the old “client says jump…” game) and that you can & will be completely, if not over-the-moon satisfied with our relationship engagement and it’s results.

Here’s some clarification on how I intend to support my creativity, productivity and the fine art of balancing work & play.

Email stuff.

Response times are between 24-48 hours. I check email at 11 a.m. and 4 p.m on weekdays. Weekend work is oh-so-rare. If I choose to respond to your email on a weekend day; wow, lucky you!  Please be reminded that all of the above  “balance” guidelines remain in effect.

Phone stuff.

I rarely accept unscheduled calls. You can set one up here http://snurl.com/m2calendar.


I do not schedule client meetings on Mondays or Fridays. Those days are reserved for internal biz stuff or all the “other” stuff that needs to happen while I’m not designing, coding, teaching, coaching, consulting and writing.

I do not schedule client meetings before 11 a.m Pacific. Mornings are my most creative & productive times and when I do my best work. Don’t you want me doing my best work on your stuff? I thought so!

How urgent is it… really?

I’ve been thinking about what could constitute a real emergency and therefore require a “special” type of urgency in my life-and-biz-expansion biz.

I firmly believe whatever issues you may encounter can be addressed with a sensible approach at keeping work & life balanced.

Yes, your website may go down or get hacked. Yes, you may want your new website launched and ready for the next big event, workshop or affiliate partnership gig. Or, your might have needed some time to get more clear on your web presencing vision and been on sabbatical for a while and now you’re ready to resume forward motion toward your launch… and so many more scenarios in-between.

Just ask yourself this… what do I really need in order to do what’s next? Whether it’s a networking gig or your next step in re/creating your web presence. What do you really stand to lose, if you are not up and running tomorrow? I mean L.O.S.E, as in never get it back again? EVER?!

In my experience helping women create web presences, these opportunities come and go. My terms for drop everything and respond to your needs immediately are non-existent. I am in no rush. And this doesn’t mean I’m not prepared & capable of following the passion & inspiration that will take us to your web launch finish line.

I’ve been out & about creating web presences since 1998 and frankly there is NOTHING I’ve ever seen that was worth the rush. Millions of dollars are not lost. A couple of bucks perhaps, but if you are in business for yourself, you gotta learn to roll with the punches and maintain your own creative equilibrium.

Rushing, urgency and all that… should really be reserved for excessive blood leakage, difficulty breathing, chest pains or if your hair is on fire.

Managing expectation & needs

Life is full of disappointment and heartbreak, poor planning and missed opportunities. And we become richer and wiser for them but really, how you feel and see the world and the people playing this game called life with you, is ultimately a choice.

Expectation is waiting, hoping, wishing or wanting things to be different than the way they are and the feelings we experience when we think the way things are should be different.

Instead of being frustrated or disappointed at the things you wish were different, why not ask yourself, “What is it I need most right now?” and then figure out how to give it to yourself. Then your happiness is not dependent on people/circumstances outside your control.

It’s a lot easier on your health and well-being to give your love, instead of looking for who or what is in the way of you not getting what you need and want right now.

The only right is right now. There is no right way. Have you noticed how the “approved & right way” keeps changing?

Just give it a moment. Take a deep breath and figure out how you can be the thing that you believe is missing from your experience.

Sometimes the easiest thing to do is simply offer the benefit of the doubt—to yourself or another.

And if that doesn’t help you shift, maybe it’s time to just let it all go for a minute. Focus on doing one small thing to help yourself feel better. And then do that.

You’re always on your way somewhere. The key is: find a way to be happy wherever you now are on your way to where you really want to be. (We’re speaking of the state of being you want.) It does not matter where you are; where you are is shifting constantly – but you must turn your attention to where you want to go. And that’s the difference between making the best of something and making the worst of something.

~Abraham, Excerpted from the workshop in Detroit, MI on Saturday, September 27th, 2003



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