Is Your Message Getting Through?

Mynde helped me cut through all the egoic crap I’d built up, and get down to the heart of WHY I was starting my business in the first place, and to communicate that with heart and clarity.
~Jeremy Meyers,

  • Have your website reviewed personally by Mynde to quickly address your specific concerns.

  • Receive an intake questionnaire to get you started or come with your list of questions.

    • What questions do you want answered?
    • What are your worries?
    • What do you want to make sure comes through?
    • What are you afraid isn’t getting through? Or may be getting lost in translation?

For the audience & market we’re facing today, coaches, writers & artists want and need emotional writing and design because we already understand the underlying principle about attraction and the attractive-things-work-better mindset.

  • You’ll be receiving:
    • A 50-minute live Strategic Website Review via Skype including my expert feedback & specific recommendations (if you have a large website with lots of content, you’ll select a sampling of representative pages you think are most important for our review).
    • Follow-up email with written goals & recommended next steps (clarity + action)
    • Resources for implementing the feedback from your review (blog posts, video tutorials & other experts and/or a cost estimate from Mynde to implement your desired changes including selected segments of the Web Presence Essentials Workbook – An Interactive Guide For Creating An Honest, Soulful Web Presence.

    Mynde’s Review Style & Design Philosophy

    In Web Presence Essentials, I share what I call The Six Hidden Layers of Your Content. Created specifically for entrepreneurial leaders who want to make a difference with their online web presence; it’s a map you can use with any web designer, to help you create a uniquely you web presence. It’s also the essential structure I use in each of my strategic website reviews where we’ll talk about:

    • the bones of your website (information structure, the user experience, elevating the most important part of your message)
    • the meat (what your message is, how it’s being conveyed,
      what’s working/what’s not)
    • the skin (visual stuff, use of images, color & font usage)

    We become more creative if we are confronted with something attractive. This creativity helps us solve problems more easily. Emotions also give us positive experiences, making us happier and giving us better recall.

    ~ Sabina Idler, Not Just Pretty, Building Emotion Into Your Websites

    I tend to communicate with body words; bones, juice, skin, meat… & in feeling words. I believe that emotions have energy which creates a resonation in your message. Even if you believe, what you are selling or the market you are facing, is non-emotional, you do your business (and the people it serves) a great disservice by not considering the value of emotions & their impact on today’s world of design & technology.

    Emotional design turns casual users into fanatics, ready to tell others about their positive experience.

    ~ Aarron Walter

    My approach to design is based on education & experience and has at it’s foundation, a strong influence from Jesse James Garrett‘s The Elements of User Design. I found that in any sized web project, the core stakeholders had a hard time coming to a concise understanding of what we were all creating. And so, sharing Jesse’s diagram in the early stages of the web design process proved to be very helpful in illustrating our initial roadmap. To further clarify and make useful his methodology, I tailored each of Jesse’s original layers to help you with specific elements within your website strategy & content development; sharing my own personal pathway & the expert resources who helped me develop my own web content.

    Jeremy Meyers - DeeperContext.comI can honestly say I would not have launched without her.
    As I was preparing to launch Deeper Context, I continued to get more and more in my own head about making sure my wording was specific and precise, to the point where people I showed the site to found it cerebral and intimidating. With our Strategic Website Review, Mynde helped me cut through all the egoic crap I’d built up, and get down to the heart of WHY I was starting my business in the first place, and to communicate that with heart and clarity. She became and continues to be a trusted advisor and friend, and someone I will often run things by when I need a heart-based reality check or a reminder to keep to the real. I can honestly say I would not have launched without her. ~ Jeremy Meyers

    Ready for yours?

    The Strategic Website Review is just $99. Plus, receive my new ebook Web Presence Essentials free with your paid consultation.

     Strategic Website Review
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    Web Presence Essentials

    with your paid consultation.

    What happens when you click ‘Buy?’

    I use Paypal to process your consulting session. When you click a “buy” button or link, you’ll be taken to a Paypal screen where you can review the purchase details (seller, product title & price). Login to Paypal or use your debit or credit card as a Paypal guest (look for “Don’t have a Paypal account?” link just below the log in area) and complete your transaction. Afterward, I’ll be in contact via email with further details (if required) & to remind you to set up your session using my online calendar.

    The fine print

    • Website Reviews are paid in advance, may be rescheduled & expire within 90-days of purchase.
    • Any scheduling change requires 24-hour advanced notice or cancellation/rescheduling fees apply.
    • Paypal accepts checks, cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
    • Paypal gift certificates are also available.

    Have more questions?

    Use the form on my contact page and just ask!


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