Web Presence Essentials, $9

Discover an easy-to-navigate pathway & success factors for getting launched plus a practical strategy for creating authentic soulful web content.

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Web Presence Essentials by Mynde Mayfield

A Web Presence.

A container for something good, something that is yours. It might be the great food that you cook, or beautiful art that you create or a book that you’re writing. A Web Presence is a smart thing to consider in today’s business economy. In fact, some might say it’s essential.

Back in December of 2009, I wrote a blog post series called Tech Savvy 101 and eventually, bundled the series into a list-post and it became Web Presence Essentials. My optimystical online guide to helping you through a sometimes intimidating and usually confusing, technology decision-making process of getting yourself out here & online.

In December 2011, I was doing that end-of-the-year-life-review-thing. Looking hard at my biz and the things I’ve learned in the last two years of web presencing my guts out. The questions “What if I walked away from this today…? What if, next year, I wasn’t doing this anymore? How would I want to leave it?” And it became crystal clear in that moment that the very best thing I could do, for me & my biz—but really for you—was put it all down in an short ebook.

Joining the Revolution.

The updated 2013 Edition of Web Presence Essentials is my true blue heart & soul approach to the already-packed-with-practical “how-to” technology tips and strategies for getting yourself out here and online—and joining the revolution of heart-centered & technology-driven entrepreneurs. 

From defining technical jargon to creative processes for helping you take the next steps. Anything important for you to know & understand, about combining technology and your creativity to build an online business.

Eyes forward. On your dream. Of doing what you love, from anywhere.

The juiciest piece of the ebook is The Six Hidden Layers of Your Content. It’s key for helping you understand, develop and clarify your content with a process-driven approach, using a foundation of Web Usability principles.

Content that is authentic & honest. Creative & soulful.

Web Presence Essentials is a 58-page pdf that will guide you through a process of getting yourself online and out here into this revolution of Entrepreneurial Leaders who want to create businesses with the same heart & soul they lead their lives with. 

Web Presence Essentials is just $9.

Web Presence Essentials

Get to your web launch & beyond.

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Maia Williams, Business Building Studio“If you’re considering designing or revamping your online presence, Mynde Mayfield’s book, Web Presence Essentials is, in a word, essential. She has authored a clear, step-by-step guide for emerging and evolving entrepreneurs ready to tap the power of the internet with their integrity intact. The 6 Hidden Layers of Your Web Content is a useful framework and links to additional resources are generously sprinkled throughout the text. In Web Presence Essentials, Mynde shares her hard-earned WordPress wisdom with clients and readers alike—along with a big dose of her trademark optimystical approach to developing a presence, and work, that matters.”
Maia Williams, Managing Director
Serving Business and Non-profit Leaders Worldwide

Table of Contents

  • Introduction (free PDF download available)
  • Success Factors For Entrepreneurial Leadership (free PDF download available) – Understanding Presence & it’s qualities:  What is presence?, The matter of knowing what matters most, Kindly quit excusing yourself, (Why) Effort is not a factor, Focus grasshopper, Taking fun seriously, 6 ways to stay Optimystical throughout your webification process & beyond, 3 rules of web design engagement
  • The Technology Pieces – A few terms defined, What is a website?, What is a blog?, 4 reasons why a blog is better , Essential #1: A Domain Name: What it is, exactly, 7 tips for selecting one , And what I really think about choosing a domain name. Essential #2: A Web Hosting Account: What it is & why it’s important. 3 Trusted Partners: Web hosting with GoDaddy, Managing web content with WordPress, Custom web design using the Thesis theme. Essential #3: Your Content & It’s 6 Hidden Layers
  • The Writing Pieces – Developing content that sells your authentic soulful self , Why knowing your core values helps you develop content , Why you don’t need a Copywriter yet, Developing each of the six content layers, Fear & web presencing: Giving yourself permission to write, One little yes at a time
  • The Design Piece – 4 Steps For A Uniquely You Web Presence, 3 Keys To Friendly, Usable Web Content, 7 Things That Make A Site A Disaster
  • The 3rd Party Pieces – Building relationships & your online business, RSS: What it is & why it’s important, Optimizing your blog’s built-in RSS feed with Feedburner, Beyond Feedburner is Aweber, List building basics, Search Engine Optimization & getting people to notice you online, Why work-on-your-words matters so dang much, Automation-a Social Media essential
  • What to do when all this is too much? – How to start now, even if this sounds like too much
  • The wrap up – Gratitude + contributors, my tools & tricks for creating the ebook, silly stuff about me

Web Presence Essentials is my 58-page heart & soul pdf that (I hope) will help you ease further into the next steps for making your own ideas—about where your biz & the web intersect—become a reality.

Note: This is not a do-it-yourself manual. I’ve broken it down, put my own unique spin on helping you understand the essentials for creating a web presence.  It’s got heart. It’s got soul. It is my honest approach to helping you succeed at following your dream of having an online biz.

Web Presence Essentials has just $9. Download the ebook to discover all the pieces of putting together an authentic & soulful web presence for $9.

Web Presence Essentials

Get started making your
biz dream an online reality!

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I wrote this book because I believe in a world where I can love how I live & work; where honesty, creativity and soulful purpose are the qualities encouraging us to innovate and rise through entrepreneurial leadership.

“I just re-read your e-book for the third time, and I know it won’t be the last. You did an amazing job on the layout (gorgeous, easy-to-read), the content (substantial, with so many resources and ideas!), and the organization of the ideas (logical & instantly usable).”
~ Ginny Williams, GinnyWilliams.com

“Web Presence Essentials should be a must read for anyone who has the goal of truly connecting with their audience in a stimulating and meaningful way.”
~ Mary Guilliani

“…love the whole layout, content rich, easy to read, valuable info galore!”
~ Annette Tersigni, YogaNurse.com

Read or download your free chapter now:
Introduction + Chapter 1:
Success Factors for Entrepreneurial Leadership

Web Presence Essentials is $9.

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