The Video Library

If you are using WordPress with Thesis
and want to be able to do it better,
so you can expand your web presence
as you and your business grow,
then my little Video Library
may be just the thing for you.

  • Get unlimited access to a repository of
    5-minute “how-to” videos, and
  • Submit Your WordPress Thesis question for a
    custom video answer!

Ok, so this is all about easy. A practice I took to heart for all 2010.  That life can be easy for me (and my clients) and easy is good, not lazy.  In that process, I discovered Easy actually strengthens me, rejuvenates me and allows me to see how much the world is for me and my online biz.

Since I began helping coaches, healers, writers, and other artists be in control of their web presence, many of them ask great questions which I end up explaining in short 5-minute-or-less video tutorials.

Just a few of the topics that I’ve already covered include:

Want In?

Access to my library starts with buying a pass. It’s a subscription you can cancel at any time.

That pass gives you access to all of the videos, as often as you want, whenever you want. So even if it’s 3 o’clock in the morning, you have insomnia and decide to figure out your Aweber list, you can get the help you need.

The library pass averages out to about $9 bucks per month. Yup. That’s it.

Nine bucks gets you the hall pass to run through my video tutorial aisles screaming loudly if you like. Because my library doesn’t have rules about being quiet. My library is full of optimysm and having fun and making mistakes and slurring “Wordpresshhhh” (nope I wasn’t drinking, I just get ahead of myself because I have Aries rising.)

I plan to keep access to the videos affordable always. And I plan to do this as long as it’s working for me and, of course you too, and is easy. I’ll always be choosing easy first when it comes to this membership thing I’ve got going here. Got it?

I have no grand ideas about being the end-all, be-all of video tutorial library memberships. And building a huge community. I am open… like the glowing neon sign hanging in The Video Library window.

This is about making some of what I do everyday more accessible & hopefully useful to you.

Got a WordPress question I can answer in 5 minutes?

Also, as long as you hold a library pass, I will offer you a way to get your questions answered by creating as many new video tutorials that easy can stand. Need something covered that isn’t yet in the library? Ask me to make you a 5-minute video and I’ll add it to the library.

If you do decide to join… just know that this is a brand new thing for me and a complete work in progress (I generally shoot for 70% completion. See rule #1 of Six Ways To Stay Optimystical During Your Webification Process).

One last thing before I go. I want to say thank you ahead of time. If you decide you want to be a part of this. With me. For however long it will be. I have the deepest gratitude to the people who say yes to me. Working with and for my clients is something that really fills me up.

So thank you, if that’s you. And thank you, ahead of time, if you decide to say yes to this. Or me. Now or at some point in the future.

:   :   :    Deep optimystical bow    :   :   :

Two Ways To Pay

Paypal time. Again, this is a subscription. It renews automatically. I do show you how to cancel this subscription in The Video Library. Because that’s how I roll. It’s $99 bucks a year or $29 bucks a quarter (a quarter is 90 days or three months)… which is around $9 bucks a month and if you don’t do math (or try to do as little as possible), the annual pass brings it down to around $8 bucks a month.

Annual Pass, $99

Quarterly Pass, $29

Password Karma

If you are the perfect person for my library pass, you subscribe to the notion of Karma. You know it’s a bitch. And not easy. In terms of passwords, what comes around does not go around.

If you are not the perfect person for this library pass, you can cancel at any time you wish. And you will not sign up for Karma by giving out my password. Or continuing to sneak into the library without your karma card… I mean your library card. Or whatever.

Because from time to time, I will change the password. But I don’t want to. Because that wouldn’t be easy.

Just say no to karma… and instead say Yes to my Video Library.


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