Adoration & Praise

Annette Tersigni, the Yoga Nurse“Mynde took my site to “outta site”. From the dark ages to NOW. She got me and my essence and expanded it. Communication was conscious and regard full. Deepest gratitude for giving me such a groove, I’m groovin on my new Mynde Makeover :))”

Judy Kinney

Judy Kinney“I’ve known Mynde for a couple years via Twitter and Facebook, so when it was time to make a few changes to my site, I knew I wanted to work with her. Mynde work always exceeds my expectations. She knows exactly what small and online businesses need on their websites. She is clear, specific, thorough and timely. I will work with her again and recommend her often to my friends and colleagues.My  Bottom line? Mynde delivers. I highly recommend her!”

Laura Jacquemond |“Mynde went out of her way to create a beautiful blog that really is designed for me as an artist. The process was daunting to me at first, but Mynde was reassuring and supportive, she emphasized taking it one step at a time, and taught me not only how to manage my blog but more importantly that I can manage it myself without fear.”

Bindu Wiles

“Mynde blew me away with her teaching/technology skills! Her knowledge of WordPress seems unending. She was enthusiastic about calling GoDaddy to ask them some tech questions about things I wanted that they didn’t offer up front, and she has an ease and generosity and helpfulness that results in over-delivering.”

Helen Van Manen |“As a Master Coach who has been in the business for more than a decade, and having worked with many design and internet providers, I have found Mynde to have all the professional skills that I adore in a web expert. She is creative, able to hear who I am and what I want and need and transfer it into images and technology that serves my business and the Retreat Coach Network I lead. She is on time, organized, affordable and has always followed through with whatever she promised. Hire her. Don’t wait. You won’t be sorry.”

Lee Miller

Lee Miller“Mynde is especially skilled at listening. She helped me kick butt on some serious fear issues around the content of my blog. She was a tremendous encourager and really helped me go to the edge of my perfectionism and procrastination and jump off! Mynde gives grace and help for the pain in the ass that technology can be…”

Christiane Holmquist

Christiane Holmquist, San Diego Landscape Designer“I have never been able to hire someone other than your services and have tackled most of my problems alone, so thank you for your good ideas on helping me build my blog!”


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