Web Expansion Aftercare

Glad to see you. Pretty sure we know each other. You are a client of mine and in need of some web expansion aftercare? Here’s what I’ve got for ya…

To purchase a service, simply click the buy now button and submit your payment. I’ll contact you by email within 72 hours, and we’ll get to work! All services apply to WordPress sites with Thesis only.

  • Free self-help: My search box, my WordPress video tutorial list of links in my sidebar (i.e., How To Update WordPress) and helpful explain-it-to-you blog posts but you gotta be a subscriber! And, of course, Google is your bff!
  • Affordable self-help: The Video Library – get help, help yourself! Get unlimited access to a repository of 5-minute “how-to” video tutorials, and submit your WordPress Thesis question for a custom video tutorial answer. Available via quarterly ($29) & annual ($99) subscription. Already a member?
  • Affordable maintenance: Purchase a WordPress Services and I do the work for you, starting at $49.
  • Premium support: This is personalized, one-on-one high touch support. I can show you how and/or do it for you. Up to you! WordPress Consulting, $79 an hour.

*   *   *   *   *   *

Have a question about a service or a suggestion about one you’d like to see?

Use the form on my contact page and just ask!


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