A Web Presence

Why women think they can’t do technology…

… is just a small crack I use for getting in to do the work I love which is all about self-empowerment. And helping you see how capable you really are at using technology as a support system for your creativity.

And I believe we are all creative at the core of our essential selves and that our ability to express more of it, on a daily basis, it essential to living a happy, fulfilled life.

My approach is filled with a ton of fun and humor. I help you take the steps you need to take to get it going. Your web presence.  A place for you to share your gifts with the people you so deeply want to serve.

Who do I work with?

You are a coach, healer or an Artist. You have something good to give our world. You think having a website might be an important part of your business. An essential for doing business in the 21st century.

You’re a writer. Or you’ve discovered how writing for your business is another vital ingredient to building an online business. To connecting with the people you most want to serve.

You’re a woman. You’re smarter than you give yourself credit for and very creative. You are a visionary. Believing in what you’re doing and knowing you are supposed to be here. Online. Doing the entrepreneur thing. You like rounding corners and jumping off window ledges into the faith that, yes you can, live your dream and technology can help you do it.

You might already have an existing website. But it doesn’t fit anymore. You’ve grown or changed directions (or would like to give yourself permission to do so now). And putting your creative time and energy into expanding yourself online is frequently lost to the distraction of how much you can’t stand the way your web presence looks and feels right now… to you (let alone your perfect people).

Or, your web presence has been just sitting there because making changes to it is too challenging. You know there is something easier out there for you, that will allow you to actually figure things out and be in more control of your own web presence.

You need a friendly voice to help you sort it out. All the information and subsequent choices to be made. Someone who can listen to you and translate what you share into your place on the web. So it really feels like your place on the web.

How I can help you.

What I’m not

I’m not a Virtual Assistant, nor does our six week engagement imply that. Where my heart, sizzle and strength lie, is in the initial creation effort. The intention of working with me is to help you get it started or, to take your next expansion step with your current web presence. My hope for you is that as you and your web presence continue to grow and expand, you’ll have all the resources, help and virtual assistance you need.

I’m not the very best web designer available on the market today. The truth about designing (like many things) is you get what you pay for. You can get a kick-ass custom website design by people all over the web. Bottom line though for where you and your business are right now, you need it to be affordable. You should also know that you will be working with just me. I do not outsource any part of this process. I do the designing, the coding, the coaching/consulting, the billing, the follow-up. All.of.it!

What I am

Custom WordPress Web Design Service For Creative Women

I am all about simple and easy.  I offer one webification package. You get everything I can think of you’ll need for the best possible start, on the god-of-all-content-management-platforms (WordPress), using one of the most flexible and widely used templates around (Thesis).

I’m super knowledgeable about the set up process. I can help you think about what you don’t know you need yet. Because I’ve already done it. For years, actually. It’s what I did in my last corporate gig. And it’s what I do now with women entrepreneurs, usually coaches and artists.

I can put together a unique website design based on your existing logo and marketing materials or create one for you. Your first one. Which is a big first. Or, your newly expanded one. Progress over perfection. Look & feels come and go. The core of your web presence, which is you and your content, evolves over time. Everything changes and keeps changing. Don’t panic though. You don’t need a spendy price tag to get it going and it is possible to learn to do a lot of it yourself.

I’m also a coach. Which means I have the capacity to support the emotional aspects of the process with you. And it is emotional. Just because we are dealing with technology, doesn’t mean you won’t be doing deep work within yourself around clarifying your personal and business values and being confronted by your lesser-than voices of doubt and worthiness along the way. It’s a process.

And finally, for three consecutive years, I’ve worked with one of the best strategic business coaches out there. Much of that awesomeness flows out from me, downstream to you. Which means you are getting way more than just a website designer. You get all of me… I bring technical skill & experience, creative design talent, online business strategies & processes wrapped up in my optimystical approach to everything… life and business (because it’s all connected anyway).

My bottom line to everything? Love. The love we give… to one another and most importantly, to our selves… which leads to…

Six More Things You Should Know

These are my guidelines for staying optimystical throughout your webification process. Things I’ve discovered along the way that support my best clients. I’ve edited them down and put a link to the full version at the end, because you are already reading quite a lot.

  1. It’s never finished. All of everything is a constant evolution. And the main challenge you’ll face during this process is avoiding getting caught in perfectionism, others and your own. Shoot for increments of improvement. Start with 20%. Work toward being done at 70%.
  2. There is no right way. Or a more right way to do it. There is only right for you right now.
  3. It’s all personal. Every last bit of it. If this is your first time creating a web presence of any kind, be prepared for your stuff to come up. How do you do with freaking out? You might have a few. What does your support system look like? It’s just a very personal process.  It’s good to have a plan for good self-care in place throughout this process.
  4. You’ll know by how you feel. Whether you are choosing a web designer, looking at your first few design compositions, or even when you read a sales page… the opportunities to check in with yourself are endless. Simple as it gets: if it feels good and you get excited, then it’s for you. If you feel anything else, you have to commit to ask more questions to get clear or just move on!
  5. Remind yourself often of what you are committed to and why you are spending time on web stuff for your biz. Be clear and on purpose with your self. When things go wonk, it’s helpful to remind yourself to come back to a positive affirmation about trusting yourself, affirming your worth and understanding that we are all creative at the core of our essential selves.
  6. Remind yourself often how good you’re doing. I cannot drive home the importance of having the skill to be able to acknowledge yourself for what you are doing. Especially where technology is concerned. It’s easy to feel stupid and that you don’t get it as well as others.

Full version.

How To Get Started

If this sounds like the right web help for you right now, and assuming we fall in love with each other in an introductory chat, here’s a very brief overview of what the process looks like:

  1. You’ll receive, review, return my Consultant/Client agreement which outlines all the good stuff like the entire scope of service, confidentiality, project delivery, payments and more.
  2. You’ll send in an initial deposit payment via Paypal (you’ll be billed again three weeks later and again, three weeks after that, at the conclusion of your webification process).
  3. You’ll be onboarded to my online project management & collaboration system to begin receiving step-by-step instructions, assignments and to-do’s for all phases of the process.
  4. Then, we will co-create your web presencein three phases:
    • Installation: I’ll get WordPress installed along with your Thesis template and all the plug-ins for your package.
    • Design: We’ll have six weekly one-hour consulting sessions to flush out the information you want to use (content), look and feel aspects, sidebar widgets, etc. There’ll be a total of three design iterations that will look like this: I’ll produce some design comps for you to review, you’ll provide feedback (round 1). I’ll incorporate your feedback & send back to you for review (round 2). One last round of feedback, which hopefully is little wiggle, niggle stuff and then I’ll get to work bringing that design to life!
    • Launch: We’ll look at your training needs and I’ll help get you up to speed with using your WordPress Administration dashboard panel and then you’ll unveil your web presence.

This process from begin-to-end takes a minimum of six weeks and requires your participation (a weekly commitment from you of your time/attention/energy). Our weekly phone sessions will be a mixture of capturing feedback about design, teaching you how to drive your blog and a lot of compassionate support of whatever is coming up for you during this process (the wow’s & the ow’s). Between our phone sessions, you’ll be providing me information & details so I can set up web services on your behalf. You’ll be working on your own content (rewriting or refining) via homework assignments I provide. You’ll be reviewing design comps & sending me feedback via email and taking advantage of my Video Library to review 5-minute video tutorials created to familiarize you with your WordPress Administration dashboard and practicing.


Great! The very best way for us to begin is to get on the phone together. Pick a time that works best for you. We’ll chat. We’ll check out resonation, alignment… all that jazz and then decide to have this adventure together. Or not. No hard feelings.

Click Here To Schedule Time Using My Online Calendar 

Still got a question? Use the form on my contact page and just ask!

Or check out my Design Studio for a glimpse into what this unique co-collaborative process can look like.

Some Client Praise

Megan Collier | EverlastingPresent.com

Megan Collier | EverlastingPresent.com“Working with Mynde was an honor and a blessing. She encouraged me to dive in deep to my business and fall in love with my passion all over again while simultaneously rebuilding a home on the web.

I greatly enjoyed and appreciated the collaborative nature of working with Mynde. With the end result in hand, I felt empowered to take on the management of my web presence and in turn grow my business. I recommended any woman ready to take her site to the next level hire Mynde today.”

Laura Jacquemond | BlueTerracotta.com

Laura Jacquemond | BlueTerracotta.com

“Mynde went out of her way to create a beautiful blog that really is designed for me as an artist. The process was daunting to me at first, but Mynde was reassuring and supportive, she emphasized taking it one step at a time, and taught me not only how to manage my blog but more importantly that I can manage it myself without fear.”

Helene Van Manen | iRetreat.org

Helen Van Manen | iRetreat.org

“As a Master Coach who has been in the business for more than a decade, and having worked with many design and internet providers, I have found Mynde to have all the professional skills that I adore in a web expert. She is creative, able to hear who I am and what I want and need and transfer it into images and technology that serves my business and the Retreat Coach Network I lead. She is on time, organized, affordable and has always followed through with whatever she promised. Hire her. Don’t wait. You won’t be sorry.”

Bindu Wiles

“Mynde blew me away with her teaching/technology skills! Her knowledge of WordPress seems unending. She was enthusiastic about calling GoDaddy to ask them some tech questions about things I wanted that they didn’t offer up front, and she has an ease and generosity and helpfulness that results in over-delivering.”

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