Why This WordPress Sugar Mama Recommends Godaddy

Yeah upsells suck, but at the end of the day, GoDaddy makes the web stuff of my life so much easier.

This is really simple. Godaddy’s rates stay extremely competitive while providing the best customer support & service around.

When it comes to choosing a place to get your domain name or set up your custom Thesis WordPress installation for your web presence on their network of hosting servers, GoDaddy is the one-stop shop that just makes my web life (and my clients) easier.

GoDaddy Domain NamesManage all your domains. Yes you may have multipes. And did you know you can point several domain names to a single web presence? Godaddy domain management makes this super easy to do.
Grow your hosting needs as your business grows. With Godaddy, you can upgrade any time to more space, so you don’t ever have to bite off more than you can chew (raise your hand if you’ve ever done that.) Yeah, it’s a big deal when you’re just starting out. You don’t need a huge hosting package. Just a place to get your garden growing so your business can show you what it needs and then you can make choices from that place.

When you purchase your Godaddy shizzle, make sure and get auto-renew on everything! This way, you will avoid any service interruption. And the longer you can extend your term when you purchase with Godaddy, the more you’ll save. If you have the budget resources from the top, and you’re serious about getting your web presence on, commit to a five year plan, if you can. You can always review where you are later and make necessary changes then (cancel, extend, switch domain name service providers).

The biggest con for using Godaddy is Upsell Hell. And for all the benefit of having a live person to talk to 24/7 that helps me get exactly what I need, it’s a more than fair trade-off for doing business with them. So just say no to the upsells. You can always get whatever they are offering later.

And here’s more honest truth… most of my clients don’t know what they are doing when they begin. That’s why they need me. And why Godaddy is such a perfect match for both of us. Whether they’re helping you complete your purchase transaction or helping me work out a complicated DNS issue and every place in between…

Bottom line: yeah upsells suck, but at the end of the day, GoDaddy makes the web stuff of my life (and my clients) so much easier.

So I say GoDaddy! (yes, that’s an affiliate link)

Bravery – A New Core Value

Stories are the recipe, life is the medicine.

I’ve been working with a new client. The label ‘client’ doesn’t quite fit but that’s beside the point/another post.

I am helping her face some challenging or difficult stuff in her biz. And I sometimes also help people do that in their lives.

Anyway. We were talking. We had just navigated through a pretty considerable bump called misunderstanding.

And there are all kinds of misunderstandings. Some can make you laugh or smile. But, depending on how big it is, a misunderstanding can be quite painful and hugely destructive. And that was the kind we had just faced together. The kind that completely derails a project, sometimes to leave only a smoldering tree stump.

She (my client) was telling me about how long she had wanted a web presence. For nearly 10 years she’s been dreaming about it.

And in the process of working together, there had been an unfolding of some deeper layers of information. A very personal experience (for both of us). And surprise, vulnerable now had a starring role in this particular web creation process.

Also vulnerable because she doesn’t know or understand the technology so she was trusting me to help her there.

And vulnerable because she was beginning to see just how possible it is to have it (a web presence she loves), and contemplating the process of going live, revealing herself in a grandiose, internet-viral-y way.

And guess what? Your stuff shows up. And you realize you didn’t expect it (building your web presence) to be deep and emotionally stirring.

New recipe, new medicine: Add four to five heaping tablespoons of bravery

I learned a lot from this experience too. Because the truth is, to the degree my client’s stuff shows up, mine does too! And now I’m adjusting my recipe.

I get lost in the excitement of lending you my skill set to help you bridge your technology gap, and get way too far ahead in the game, sometimes completely leaving my tender, vulnerable client behind. So I intend to be more aware of this and support myself to “just stay” with my client. My presence is really all the moment needs. I honor my clients by remembering their tenderness.

Later (and back to the story), she said something I hadn’t really seen until she said it. She mentioned the word bravery. She called me brave. And I thought, “Oh, yeah. I guess so.” And then I started to see it. Every where. So much bravery. From both of us.

Bravery. For turning to face a radical, scary misunderstanding.

Bravery. For coming to the table, to have the difficult conversation. To want clarity above anything else. To want to see. Clearly.

Bravery. For showing up. To keep coming. For her to keep wanting to create it… her small sanctuary on the web she can call her own and create beauty, art and help heal our world. (Note to self: add to Note To Self post, ‘Remember, just keep showing up.’)

Bravery. For trusting. Me and a process she has no clue about. Not any. Code, Web Design, Hosting. Blak! Email has got her covered and she’s just fine with that. And herein I step. A tech whiz. To help her make sense of it. One bite at a time.

Bravery. For stepping out of comfort zones. Both of us. I haven’t really worked with clients in the way I’ve been working with her. My webification package and stuff are all pretty new. I’m following the flow of what feels good and easy because I am an artist too.

Bravery. For discussing how it would end, if/when it does. May sound counter intuitive, but, hey, I’ve learned there is so much good stuff in the counter intuitive. I care about endings as much as I do beginnings and sometimes middles too. I care about it all.

Bravery. For loving ourselves, each of us individually, so much… we wanted clean and clear.

And so here I am. Sharing with you. How I crystallized one of my latest core values in business and I guess life too. And that’s bravery.

I am willing to know this new value because it leads me to the best (working) relationships. Each core value I identify becomes the red velvet rope that Michael Port talks about in Book Yourself Solid.

Bravery is kinda a new one for me, although when I look back at all the clients I’ve worked with in any capacity, I can see the value there. Singing steadily. They wanted something they felt I could help them get and together, we both bravely found a way there.

Considering getting some help from me? That would be awesome if you did. Here’s how to get started.

Web Hosting

In my last post, I started talking about the three critical ingredients that are needed to create a web page, web site or web presence. No matter where you are on the map… small business owner just starting out or big business generating hundreds of clicks per day, each part is essential and needs to be addressed or there can be no web *anything.*

Ingredient #2: Web Hosting

Web Hosting is rented space where your web content lives.

When you’re looking at a web page, the images and text you see are created with code (HTML and other types of computery code). Your browser translates that code into something you can understand. But that file, that code, has to live somewhere so your browser can find it. Purchasing web hosting is essentially renting space on a powerful computer that is accessible via the Internet, 24/7.

The birdseye view of where these powerful computers live are essentially refrigerated buildings, lined with rows and rows of computers (called servers because of how the computer itself is setup or configured). Each computer server can have many web sites and some web sites have several servers. It just depends on the size/needs of the web site. These servers are connected to the Internet with data lines that are many times faster than DSL or cable. They’re backed up and climate-controlled and protected in many ways against a webmaster’s worst nightmare: server downtime. It does happen, but good web hosts have guaranteed “up” time of over 99%.

Bottom line: paying a web host is like renting a little virtual apartment where your web site’s code can live.

A Few Reasons Why It Wouldn’t Be A Good Idea To Host Your Own Web Site

Yes, it’s true, since web pages are basically hosted on almost the same kind of computer you might be reading this blog post from, you could host a page or web site on your own computer. However, you’ll have to have your computer on and connected to the internet 24/7 (otherwise, it’s like arriving at your storefront with the “Closed” sign hanging in the window). If people are coming to your computer all the time, you’ll have different security considerations also. And if too many people come all at once, they might even possibly overwhelm your computer causing it to crash.

So to avoid this snorezy headache, getting a hosting service provider (like GoDaddy) will lower your risk, provide you more protection, and back up your web site files regularly.

Can You Afford Hosting?

Yes, you can.

You can find places that will host your site for free. Some of them are “free” because they’ll actually show ads above or on your website. You get to decide whether or not you are willing to have ads on your website in order to have your site hosted for free.

Or you can pay less than $10 per month for ad-free hosting and you can pay more or less depending on what features you need. Since we’re essentially talking about renting space, the first question will be: How much space do you need for your files? How much space do your images and code take up? Probably less than you think!

WordPress.com: To The Rescue (Again)

So if all this tech talk makes you want to take a nap, just hold on one second because I’ve got some good news.

Not only does WordPress.com help solve the domain name thing (making it unnecessary to have a domain name but if you do already have one, that’s OK too), WordPress.com also helps solve the hosting questions.

You don’t need a separate web hosting account with some other company (like GoDaddy) that charges you by the month. There are other services out there that either build in their hosting costs (such as Typepad.com or Squarespace.com) or require you to host their software (like WordPress.org) and you might not be ready for that (yet). WordPress.com is completely web-based, and all you need is a web browser to sign up.

Combine your domain name (web address) with a web host (WordPress.com or other) and presto! you are almost in business.

The third essential ingredient for creating a web presence is next!