WordPress is god. Period.

The Best Technology Advice I Have To Offer You

WordPress is god. Period. This could be the end of the post because it is just that short & sweet. But let me just elaborate briefly on why it would be silly to consider using anything other than WordPress for creating and managing your web presence.

You don’t have a ton of money.

You aren’t rich yet! The good news is you can grow your business easily using WordPress meaning start out with one blog post and one page with no way for anyone to pay you (it’s a 20% start) and grow into churning some serious cashola through a highly customized, full-of-automation-and-integration web presence and WordPress will handle it all.

If you can use email, you can learn WordPress.

Honestly, there are a few sharper corners to turn, but with the right help, you can be in control of much of your own web presence because WordPress really is pretty easy to use. And again, if you don’t have deep pockets starting off (and who does?) then you are gonna be faced with some amount of DIYing it.

You might not always do your own web creation & maintenance, but you must know how to do some of it. You must be accountable to your own stuff happening or it just won’t happen. Knowing how to do some of it helps you collaborate more effectively with the team of people who might one day be helping you with it. Not to mention you end up inspiring yourself with brilliant new ideas because you are having so much fun getting your tech-savvy on.

WordPress help is everywhere.

In all forms. In all shapes and sizes. With all kinds of personalities. @JohnnyBTruant, @Rhiannon_z, @Mandalove @sarahbray… (more web design resources can be found gathered neatly on one of my Twitter lists).

Go to Google and search for WordPress Video Tutorial and have a buffet-styled feast of figuring it out yourself. Or, sign up for a class. Or, hire someone to help you with the learning curve and show you how. I teach and train my clients how to do it themselves. Which is as fun as helping them get it created. And with optimystical, it’s all about the fun!

Bravery – A New Core Value

Stories are the recipe, life is the medicine.

I’ve been working with a new client. The label ‘client’ doesn’t quite fit but that’s beside the point/another post.

I am helping her face some challenging or difficult stuff in her biz. And I sometimes also help people do that in their lives.

Anyway. We were talking. We had just navigated through a pretty considerable bump called misunderstanding.

And there are all kinds of misunderstandings. Some can make you laugh or smile. But, depending on how big it is, a misunderstanding can be quite painful and hugely destructive. And that was the kind we had just faced together. The kind that completely derails a project, sometimes to leave only a smoldering tree stump.

She (my client) was telling me about how long she had wanted a web presence. For nearly 10 years she’s been dreaming about it.

And in the process of working together, there had been an unfolding of some deeper layers of information. A very personal experience (for both of us). And surprise, vulnerable now had a starring role in this particular web creation process.

Also vulnerable because she doesn’t know or understand the technology so she was trusting me to help her there.

And vulnerable because she was beginning to see just how possible it is to have it (a web presence she loves), and contemplating the process of going live, revealing herself in a grandiose, internet-viral-y way.

And guess what? Your stuff shows up. And you realize you didn’t expect it (building your web presence) to be deep and emotionally stirring.

New recipe, new medicine: Add four to five heaping tablespoons of bravery

I learned a lot from this experience too. Because the truth is, to the degree my client’s stuff shows up, mine does too! And now I’m adjusting my recipe.

I get lost in the excitement of lending you my skill set to help you bridge your technology gap, and get way too far ahead in the game, sometimes completely leaving my tender, vulnerable client behind. So I intend to be more aware of this and support myself to “just stay” with my client. My presence is really all the moment needs. I honor my clients by remembering their tenderness.

Later (and back to the story), she said something I hadn’t really seen until she said it. She mentioned the word bravery. She called me brave. And I thought, “Oh, yeah. I guess so.” And then I started to see it. Every where. So much bravery. From both of us.

Bravery. For turning to face a radical, scary misunderstanding.

Bravery. For coming to the table, to have the difficult conversation. To want clarity above anything else. To want to see. Clearly.

Bravery. For showing up. To keep coming. For her to keep wanting to create it… her small sanctuary on the web she can call her own and create beauty, art and help heal our world. (Note to self: add to Note To Self post, ‘Remember, just keep showing up.’)

Bravery. For trusting. Me and a process she has no clue about. Not any. Code, Web Design, Hosting. Blak! Email has got her covered and she’s just fine with that. And herein I step. A tech whiz. To help her make sense of it. One bite at a time.

Bravery. For stepping out of comfort zones. Both of us. I haven’t really worked with clients in the way I’ve been working with her. My webification package and stuff are all pretty new. I’m following the flow of what feels good and easy because I am an artist too.

Bravery. For discussing how it would end, if/when it does. May sound counter intuitive, but, hey, I’ve learned there is so much good stuff in the counter intuitive. I care about endings as much as I do beginnings and sometimes middles too. I care about it all.

Bravery. For loving ourselves, each of us individually, so much… we wanted clean and clear.

And so here I am. Sharing with you. How I crystallized one of my latest core values in business and I guess life too. And that’s bravery.

I am willing to know this new value because it leads me to the best (working) relationships. Each core value I identify becomes the red velvet rope that Michael Port talks about in Book Yourself Solid.

Bravery is kinda a new one for me, although when I look back at all the clients I’ve worked with in any capacity, I can see the value there. Singing steadily. They wanted something they felt I could help them get and together, we both bravely found a way there.

Considering getting some help from me? That would be awesome if you did. Here’s how to get started.

The Perfect Look & Feel

Tech Savvy 101 is a series of posts designed to help demystify some terminology so you can get your brain around what it really takes to start getting your tech savvy on.

Are you letting worry and concern over the perfect look and feel get in the way of getting clear about who you are and who you serve?

When a smart creative woman considers establishing herself on the web, the questions she’ll be answering first or even close to middle way through, are not about the look and feel.

The Look & Feel Never Comes First

Unless you’re a web designer.

So many times I see considerations for look and feel issues take women off track, detouring them into the land of perfectionism.

The look and feel is actually a compliment to, and a part of something else in your web presence. The something else is the part of you (your biz) that wants to be created and expressed.

When you consider large business institutions, its marketing team will frequently re-brand or change the look and feel in order to introduce some freshness. It gives us a sense that the business is actually alive and growing, changing and hopefully, improving! You’ll be doing the same thing with your own web presence.

Invite yourself to see the look and feel as an extension of the greater message and tone of your web presence.

  • Who are you here (on the web) for?
  • What pain do you help solve?
  • What is unique about the way you solve it?
  • What results have people achieved as a result of working with you & your biz?

Flickr photo by karindalzielThese are the questions we start with… this is the something else referred to earlier. It is the point of you being on the web to begin with. And far more meaningful than a pleasant look and feel is the words you’ll drop onto the each page… the voice you talk to us in.

Don’t get me wrong. If you have a screamingly obnoxious color scheme, the look and feel can become an obvious distraction and may even cause your visitor to leave altogether. This is why I strongly urge you to consider general questions early on in your look and feel development strategy (yes, you’ll have one). What colors please you? What fonts do your eyes enjoy reading? What imagery compliments or enhances the message your visitors will be reading?

I’ve yet to work with someone who said to me the “buy or engage” decision was based on the color of blue I chose for my website background. It’s always the words I put down and my willingness to be vulnerable by sharing more of myself that I hear about. It’s saying something in an authentic way that connects me to you and you to your visitors.

Unless you are a designer like me, the biggest favor you can do yourself in the beginning, is simply pick a place and begin! The good news is you can relax into the process, knowing that because everything changes, (even big businesses get rebranded and redesigned) that nothing you pick today is forever. Even that template, that you’ve been spending endless hours searching for on the web, that perfect one… will change at some point in the future.

  • Are you letting worry and concern over the perfect look and feel get in the way of getting clear about who you are and who you serve?
  • What feels like more of a risk? Finding the perfect look and feel or developing some chunks of content written in an authentic way?

Be careful that the look and feel of your web presence doesn’t become excuse not to get clear about you and your biz. Give yourself the opportunity to get started doing something more than fret over the perfect template. Go for the risk, it holds greater rewards!

Your biz (and its perfect customers) are waiting to connect with you!

Still needing that thing for your biz called a web presence? Let’s get on the phone and chat about what your current web presence situation is and where you want to go with it.

Otherwise, what to do if you have ZERO content