How I Got To The Hot Seat

I want to tell you the story about how I got into the hot seat this past March. I’ve been really into telling stories lately. In fact, I’m sorta camped out there right now. Which can only mean, this (storytelling) must be a big deal for me.

Making it up ‘Good’

One reason I tell stories, is to help myself feel better about a situation. Many years ago, in my Fearless Living training to become a coach, I heard from mentors and the creator of the program to “make it up good!”

Rhonda uses humor in a beautiful way, that helps me open my heart when I’m doing something I’ve presumed would be hard… like lookin’ at your personal shizzle and ironing some of the kinks out so you feel better. So you feeeel like makin’ love (really, this isn’t a post about sex, and neither was my question for Abe even though it might first appear that way).

Instead of planning for the worse case, which is what we’ve sorta been taught our whole lives to do; what to look out for and how to stay safe, she’d say, “If you are gonna make stuff up, might as well make it up good!”

So before I got to the chair, I told myself a very vivid story. I know the power of my imagination and I had specifically avoided telling myself a detailed story of a visit with Abraham because I wanted to really feel I was ready. Usually, I just glossed over it. Knowing that one day, I would go. But most days wasn’t going to be that day. Even days I attended a workshop wouldn’t be my day. Interestingly enough, it was the person-sitting-beside-me’s turn, which I talk about here.

The night before the workshop, I lay in bed, doing my usual nightly ritual (hopefully not so completely exhausted that I remember to do my nightly ritual). I’ve been using the mediation CD day & night, very consistently, since January. I sometimes listen to a few YouTube videos before bed instead. Anyway, my nightly ritual goes something like this:

An evening ritual of Making It Up ‘Good’

  • get a little high on Abe, somehow/someway (mediation CD/YouTube video)
  • think about how delicious my bed feels, when I first get in it and thank the living shit out of that, thank the universe that I know exactly what good feels like, it feels like this moment right now, when I first climb into bed.
  • Next, I’ll intend to have the most amazing sleep ever.
  • I’ll intend to wake feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and totally f’n crazy-excited about my day, what/who/how… all of it blessed, now!
  • I’ll intend that I’ll immediately remember, even before rising from bed tomorrow morning, that when I open my eyes, to return to this feeling right now. To recapture this wave and begin from here.
  • Here is the place, where if you know of specific events that will be happening in your life, you can intend for their successful conclusions based on the good of all concerned or just fall asleep (if you haven’t already, lol) …
  • For me, I decided to do segment intending or pre-pave my trip to the chair tomorrow by going there now. And so I did and I ended up chatting with Abraham.

Yes, I did say chatting with Abraham

And I did. And I noted that Abraham wasn’t quite as funny without Esther there. Still very funny though. And I had this complete visualization of coming up to the chair, and feeling relaxed and comfortable. And that we would laugh and have fun. And it would be as easy as this chat right now is. And it was satisfying. And tomorrow would be satisfying also. And I reflected a moment on how I would feel… overjoyed that I showed myself my own power of intention by getting to the chair. And I remember seeing my friend’s face as I sat down beside her after visiting with Abraham in the visualization.

There was amazing power I felt that was imbued into this story I was telling because I chose to add something simple and easy for myself to visualize, like the familiarity of a friend’s face… anything easy is really good ju-ju. We can throw ourselves out of the vortex very quickly with going too detailed so this is practice! I picture the hummingbird, how she flows easily, effortlessly and with intention over and around the themes in my “make it up good” stories. Down deep into detail and them hovering above, in just the simple feel goodedness of the being the storyteller and making this my creation!)

And then I opened my eyes. I smiled. And I thought, I was just joking around with Abraham about getting my ass in that chair tomorrow. That was fun. Easy. I further intended, I’m going to stay relaxed about it all. Tomorrow I will know what other processes to use to support myself (and I did and it was easy, really it became easier as I let go and trusted this had already happened because technically, it just had!)

What was not easy (surprisingly) was being in the chair.

For now, check out this conversation with Abraham to understand more why I’m writing about this now even though the general topic of “the chair” has been on my list since March <sheepish grin>.

Till soon,




Everyday Religion: A Guest Post by Judy Kinney

I have an everyday religion that works for me. Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. ~Lucille Ball

This is a letter that I recently wrote to a friend. I could have just as easily written this note to myself, or to you for that matter…..So, go ahead. Pretend that I wrote this letter to you.

My Dearest old long time friend,

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought today would be a great time to write you an old fashioned letter to tell you how much I love you. Aren’t I such a romantic, writing and sending you a snail mail letter! Who does that any more? Ha! Who knows what romantic juices this note might inspire within you!

Okay, okay…..I know that love is a sensitive spot for you right now. I can only imagine that Valentine’s Day is like pouring salt in the proverbial wound in your heart. Hey, FORGET Valentine’s Day! You that any ONE-day holiday that purports to be THE holiday of love should be viewed suspiciously anyway. Let’s celebrate love everyday!

Okay, back to you…One of the things I love most about being your old long time friend is how well we know each other. We have been there for each other in the best AND the worst of times over the years…….Hmmmm, when I look back, most of those times had an awful lot to do with love. Okay, I know you may not be in the mood, but think about how much love has impacted your life.

Girl, you wouldn’t be you without ALL the love that you have explored and experienced in your life. Nope. And who else would you possibly want to be? Yes, I know you wish you were taller and had a tighter bum….but other than that you know you are the bees knees. Don’t pretend you don’t!

Friend, when did you lose your gusto for love? Where was I?!

Yes, I know you enjoy remembering a few of those finer adventures in love. Yes, you had many beautiful adventures; each is worth remembering. I know you are still holding onto your dreams of what love can truly be like in the future. Memories and imagining are still GREAT ways to tap into the ol’ love flow. But, who else but your Old long time friend would ask you,

How are you going to get to your dreams when you have your love-dampers on as if you are expecting a big storm to tear your heart apart?!

Dang, girl….you know how energy and beliefs work! Hello, you are the queen of serendipity! You are the “watch me create my fine life” woman!

Damn, I wish I was there in person. We could do something wild and fun. We could laugh big and loud and then it would be much much easier for you to hear me when I tell you that,

“You will truly enjoy life to the degree that you are open and vulnerable to love.”

Yes, I AM suggesting that you be Vulnerable to love EVERY day. Sorry sister, your relationship status is irrelevant! Love is love.

Go ahead and try this mantra on for size…

“My strength and joy expands as I am open and Vulnerable to love E.V.E.R.Y. day!”

yes, dear one, you SHOULD say that everyday too!

Come on, you KNOW that the tug in your heart is calling you to live with the greatness of love. Don’t go to the damn doctor again complaining of chest pain! Jeez, my Old longtime friend, how else can I tell you that the time to love is now. THAT is what your heart is trying to tell you.

You know what? Forget sending you this letter. I am going to be even MORE old fashioned and hand deliver this note to you. I want you to look up and see how much I believe in you AND love.

That’s right! Let’s laugh, walk in the park and open up our hearts to the love that is always alive and well inside both of us.

Why? Because that is what old longtime friends do with each other.

With love galore,

[Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Judy Kinney, the one name that came to mind when I began considering who in my orbit, I could ask to share and expand on the topic of alignment & relationships/Love.]

And Then I Will Uplift The World

I hope you are enjoying the emotional ride of 40 Days of Alignment. I sometimes notice myself calling it 40 Days to Alignment and realize that I can achieve alignment everyday. Or even, every moment.

Which sounds like it would take a lot of discipline. However, the interesting counter intuitive surprise is that the only effort required to do it, is in focusing on feeling good. Or just better, if you’ve suddenly found yourself deep in the messiness of heartache’s like as grief, loss, death. Or, most frightening of all, a feeling of powerlessness.

Like when I saw the bumper sticker yesterday that said “2012 can’t get here fast enough” and any of the “Yes on 8” bumper stickers from 2008. Deep within powerlessness, lies the primal need for survival (even when we’re not mortally threatened). It’s been in my greatest states of feeling no power to change/control/influence a person or situation, that I’ve done and said the most destructive things to others and/or myself.

Alignment is many things. Which is why I love that it’s my word for the entire year of 2011 (not just these 40-or-so days I’m focusing on it). In it’s simplest form, alignment is appreciation. And alignment is also about innocence or guiltlessness…  a state where I am able to suspend judgment entirely. It’s the ability to appreciate each other, for exactly who we are. In alignment, diversity is actually celebrated.

I have to pause here, because my imagination momentarily ran away with me to the place where people genuinely celebrated each others differences.

Stunning, isn’t it?

Think about that for a moment. What are the qualities of people like that? We are curious and full of wonder. We look out toward our tomorrows instead back at our yesterdays. Whether looking into a stranger’s or our lover’s face, we see ourselves.

What we think and feel about the world, people and situations in our life, is the signal we broadcast. This 40-day series is about refining your signal and being more on purpose with it (you can get it delivered straight to your inbox by adding your name & email in the my sidebar.)

The emotional journey continues…

Take a few minutes to watch (or close your eyes and listen). Setting the tone for the rest of your day…  and become increasingly addicted to alignment.

[This is a video post, so you might need to click through if you’re reading this via email or RSS.]