Tom Stone

Great Life Technologies

So I’m into the Jedi, as you may know. And Tom is, well… a master Jedi. His Pure Awareness techniques help me over bridges of troubled waters. And to be with my heart breaks. And to release old habits that need shedding.

The first time I “played” with Tom was at a local ICF meeting. In a room filled with 40-or-so other coaches. I guinea-pigged up and offered myself in a demonstration of one of his techniques called C.O.R.E.

Because I’m a coach and dig digging deep, I used my 20-something year-old issue of abandonment as a focal point. I had no idea what I was in for. At the end of the demonstration, I wept. In front of everyone. I met up with myself that evening, in a deeply profound way.  What lay beyond my hurtedness of “being left behind” was me, becoming aware of me; overwhelmed at the enormity of my presence. My being. And I had a peacefulness move through me… and found a new perspective. It (the abandonment) was really small. And, I am really big.

I dissolved 20 plus years of grief that night.  In about 20 minutes. And the following spring, I took his Core Dynamics Coach Training program in Carlsbad, California.

Meet Tom Stone

Watch the video below as Tom demonstrates his C.O.R.E. technique with a U.S. veteran to help resolve his PTSD.

Meet Tom Stone





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