Mark Silver

Heart of Business

Mark is the Sufi dude who taught me Remembrance. The gift that keeps on giving. Remembering the access I have to my heart. Trusting its language when I write and speak to the people I’m meant to serve. And that my heart has answers and wants to inform me about my business.

From my heart come many of my core values. Core values, specifically– knowing your own–is a web presence essential. Answers from my heart, about work and service, about giving and generosity and the unimaginable joy available to me when I give with my heart full. That fullness begins with me. Am I listening to me? Am I responding to me? Am I full of me? I want to give from this place of fullness.

Mark’s FREE “Getting to The Core Of Your Business” toolkit contains the audio recording of Remembrance, a practice that helps us come back to our hearts, making room for it’s gifts of guidane in our lives and businesses.

Plus, there’s something I constantly recommend to women webifyers I’m working with in his kit. And each time she follows that recommendation, she comes away with a more clarified and refined tagline.

In a single answer (your tagline), you can help your clients see you and say Yes to you with more certainty.

Usually, we’re operating in business-owner mode, and we miss a crucial first step in building intimacy and trust with our clients. We’re way ahead of them, ready to explain the benefits of what we do and how it can help them.

Accessing our hearts and inviting its perspective into any situation, changes everything. It helps us to see, understand, feel… what matters most. Using heart-centered language in our speaking and language helps your right-people feel seen and understood in a deep and resonating way; readying them to hear and receive what you’re offering.

When your tagline can deliver The Heart-Centered Answer to ‘What Do You Do?’, you will have all the business your heart can contain.

Mark’s perspectives are messages for me and my business, that resonate with my heart, and bring me back to what I most committed to.

Meet Mark Silver

Timely Sufi wisdom,
from his heart
to yours and mine.

Meet Mark Silver


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