Julie Sanders

Julie Sanders

A healer. An intuitive. A medium. My birthday soul sister. Pink balloons. Spirit animal helpers. Chakra cleaning housekeeper. Banging on her drum. Smudging me gently with her song. Bringing me messages from members of my team who are not living here on Earth anymore, but nonetheless, very acutely aware that I am still here. Doing my thang. They send me messages via Julie (for now), until I’m ready to allow and receive them personally. I’m learning to trust that I do and can, more often.

My grandpa Charlie, whom we called Jolly, was a Knight. He saved my life, before I ever took a breath. He laughed at me the other day… taking responsibility for the other Charlie in my life. And I laughed too. And I said “Thanks again Grandpa for being my champion and helping me fill my gaps.”

Julie has helped me to trust all the conversations I have with my dearly departed. The ones I’ve known in this life. And a few I don’t remember at all, but know are still present and cheering me on.

Julie has also helped me sort through many broken heart moments. Giving me tools, wisdom and inspiration that helps me trust and believe “all bad things happen for a good reason.”

I recommend Julie as intercessory, bringing timely messages from beyond what we comprehend here on Earth.

Julie Sanders, Heart of The Spirit.comApply generously to your heart as needed.

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