Fearless Living Institute

Fearless Living InstituteRhonda Britten. Bindu WilesAli LecubeMartha Pasternack. Diana BertoldoJerilyn TheilDebbie Vaillancourt. And so many others whose names are too numerous to mention here.

I am changed from knowing you. Deep gratitude and thanks for being a part of it. Helping me figure out how to save my own life (or that I didn’t need saving at all). And I met each of you because I was willing to take a closer look at FEAR. Irony.

The words I could write about this community of people would be endless. Smaller amazing stories within other larger stories. All of us learning to live fearlessly. Holding hands. Walking the talk. Or just walking beside each other.

What started here was the belief that I could do what I love, that I could be who I am, and discover the incredible interconnectedness of hearts weaving together into a community of people who want to change lives, change our world, starting with ourselves.

I recommend Fearless Living to anyone who wants to live life fully. Trust the path, who has already been called to it and those who show up to meet and walk with you along the way.


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