Charlie Gilkey

Productive Flourishing

The other day, I said to a client, “I’m just gonna tell you right now, you’ll hear me say this comes straight from Charlie Gilkey or this is something he’s taught me, that I’d like to share with you.

Out loud. Over and over. Knowing & working with him has been very valuable to me.

Whether he’s helping me see the big stuff, like how it’s all connected–our personal/private lives and our business stuff–or helping me manage some of the finer details of my working day with the productivity planners he gives away for free; Charlie cheers, encourages and helps shift the stuff that gets in the way of doing what I love well.

Don’t miss his Unconventional Guide to Freelancing with juicy nuggets of wisdom for the self-scheduled entrepreneur and also Living The Good Life, another important-for-the-entrepreneur reminder about chilling out and allowing yourself to engage with your human side; and that with the practice and discipline of becoming good to ourselves, we can be our most productive when we’re getting stuff done.

Meet Charlie Gilkey

Superstar strategizer for your business, for you.
Reminding me to first flourish myself
and then I can get it done.

Meet Charlie Gilkey


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