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Helping Me Love Myself More

Why is this first? What does love have to do with it?

What doesn’t Love have to do with it? What I’ve learned, what life has taught me in my own experiences and what the following people have affirmed, time and time again, it’s all connected.

Whether your heart is broken by a lover or boss or a friend, a business partner or a client or teacher/mentor, it’s still a broken heart. And learning that a broken heart does not mean “I am broken” is huge. Learning that avoiding having a broken heart is not the goal, is also huge.

Trusting that if I help myself over here, in this area of my life, it will help with the flow of ease and grace over here, in this other area of my life… yeah, it’s all connected.

People Who Expand Me

Products That Expand Your Biz

Service Partners For Running Your Biz

  • GoDaddy is this sugar mama’s recommendation for domain names and hosting. Top of line customer service combined with highly competitive pricing. Discover what a domain name is and what hosting means when you read why I recommend GoDaddy.
  • WordPress is god. Although I did start on Blogger (as did many of my treehouse clients) and have written several “how-to” posts on using it… eventually you’ll come around to worshipping the content management system king of kings, WordPress.
  • Thesis is a top-of-the-line, customizable, SEO-ready theme for your self-hosted WordPress blog. You can read more about why I love and use it in my Thesis Review post.
  • Paypal is the easiest and safest way to start getting paid on the web. If you work with me, you’ll pay me using Paypal. If I help you set up your own web presence, I’ll teach you how to use Paypal so you can start getting paid too.
  • Aweber automates email delivery to a list of people who’ve said “Yes, I want more of you… in my email box!” If I help you set up your own web presence, I can also set up your first list for you and then teach you how to use it. (Angelic choir) Learn more about what Aweber is and why you may need it.
  • AudioAcrobat helps you with all your audio needs. Record a call for clients or during a teleclass and make it available on your website, complete with its own audio player. Or send a link to the audio in an email. Try it free for 30-days.

Heads up! Most of the links to the people, products, and services on this page (and in various places throughout my website) are affiliate links. Which means, if when you buy, I’ll get a lil something.  And I don’t recommend products, services & or people I haven’t personally experienced myself.