Why me, why now

K, this is the part where I tell you about my certification in coaching. It was an important part of the process for me. You know, one of those external commitments we make with our self (like hiring a coach) to say, “I’m serious!” I never went to college so, in a way, it was my college.

I got certified at Fearless Living Institute in Boulder, CO. A rigorous training program created by Rhonda Britten, based on her most popular book Fearless Living, which gave me my basic coaching competencies and helped me develop a powerful skill for deep listening or “listening for what’s behind something.”

Right after completing her program, I found Tom Stone. It was hard to say Yes to Tom even though I really resonated with him. I felt a strong allegiance to Fearless Living. It would be the first of many experiences I would give myself to help me step out of the box of being a Fearless Living Life Coach. And I’m glad I did. Because ever since, I’m realizing how much more I am, than simply a life or web coach.

And that’s why when we coach, I’ll wear many hats. Teacher, mentor, consultant, coach. I’m giving myself permission to be out of the box. To trust the process. And needing to define or play by the rules changes how I show up (I get distracted with following the rules). So I just practice getting my own Jedi on and then show up.

My own Jedi often reminds me, “I am in it for you!”

Why now? I can’t think of when it would be a bad time to say yes to coaching. Just like I can’t imagine a world without people in it. We are here for a reason, not just to make the zoo more interesting. But to learn with, love and support one another. Saying yes is saying yes to right here and now. It’s the only way to begin. And we can begin in crisis or not. Which brings me back to, when is it a bad time to say yes to coaching? Because sometimes the crisis is exactly what we need to say Yes. Sometimes, we already get there is no way to be powerful without the support of other brilliant powerful people in our lives holding out a hand to help us to get to what’s next.

Still curious?

I’ve got a few frequently asked questions I’ve already answered here, like:


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