Can coaching support your recovery process?

You’ve got questions.

That’s entirely normal.

One of my favorite teachers likes to say, “Words don’t teach. Experience does.” So the only way to know for sure if coaching is right for you is to get on the phone and talk with a coach.

Cancer is hard. It’s scary. And when it gets hard and scary, what’s normally available to us (inner resources likes faith, trust and compassion) sorta fly out the window.

This is why having a trusted partner to advocate for you and what you already know, to hold a vision of recovery with you during the process, to remind you of what you’re committed to on your journey, to support you becoming the reframe queen you know you’re gonna need to be in order to get well, is smart. It’s also kind. And wise.

I’ve been there. I can be a Voice of Wisdom. Supporting you to heal yourself is my mission. In about 20-minutes or so, we can discover if the tools & skills I practiced to help reclaim my health and wellness will work for you also. You bring your questions, I’ll show up, and we’ll talk… and walk, together.

What’s happened before cancer, doesn’t matter as much as what can happen now. 


Schedule your free 20-minute call now.


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