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Astrological forecasting is not new, in fact it is one of the key reasons people have consulted astrologers throughout history. Professional Astrologers use a number of techniques for forecasting, primarily Transits, Progressions, and Returns.

The Birthday report provides a detailed interpretation of your solar return chart and indicates the specific themes that will influence and impact you during that particular year. Also included in the report are 80 significant dates for the year in question.

“The exact time of one’s solar return is a sacred annual event for each individual. It happens at only one specific moment each year. It is at that moment – and only that moment – in which the Earth/Sun relationship is exactly the same as when your were born. This is the basis for a horoscope that will describe the astrological factors in effect for a one-year cycle from the date of the solar return.”
~Ray Merriman

Each year-long overview report contains:

  • Where your greatest growth will take place during the year and where you will express yourself creatively. Also indicated are the areas of greatest recognition, where you will most strongly “identify” yourself and an indication of where you will experience success, “shine” and show honor, and take pride in your accomplishments. (House location of the solar return Sun)
  • Highly emphasized areas of your life: The nature of activities – events, conditions – that tend to unfold in the coming year, plus the unique nature of each planet which may be highlighted as being prominent for this year. (Conjunctions to house cusps)
  • Perceiving reality and relationships: The nature of how you perceive reality, how you project yourself, what you consider important when dealing with others, and the behavior and activities which you express in the world during the year. It also describes how you tend to handle situations as they arise during the year. (Planets aspecting the horizon)
  • The Significance of Vocation and Family: Influences upon your work or vocation and home or family matters. Your spiritual impetus in the coming year and sense of purpose. (Planets aspecting the meridian)
  • Being in the Flow: See the areas in which you feel in sync with your natural rhythms, and which areas you may feel out of sync with those rhythms. Identify specific areas of harmony or stress. (Planets relative to their natal position)
  • Time Bands of Significant Change: During the 18 months surrounding your solar return (3 months before through 15 months following), there is this transition period where the conditions of the past begin to be resolved (or require less and less attention), and the new conditions and issues – shown in the new chart – begin to command increasingly more attention. (Solar return progressed Moon)
  • Shifting One’s Focus: A listing of dates identifying the three days before and the three days after the time to expect a change in focus relating to specific areas of your life such as self, home & family, relationships, money, sex, education & travel and more.  (The Sun’s transits of solar return houses)
  • Specific Dates of Potential Noteworthy Events: The timing of significant events and changes during the year “bringing” conditions to the you and where to look for them to unfold. (Progressed solar return angles)
  • An invitation to see your solar return day as a symbolic representation of the nature of your experiences during your solar return year and how to participate with active awareness.
  • How you can influence and change important factors in your Solar Return chart with your willingness to be mobile at the time of your solar return.

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