Astrology Reports

So there are two ways to get your hands onto some personalized astrology stuff about you and what’s currently going on with you.

  • The cheap, fast & easy way
  • The not as cheap or fast but still pretty easy way

The cheap, fast & easy way

Cheap, fast and easy is to simply order a report (no personal one-on-one time with me telling you what the heck it all means). It’s $39 bucks for a natal birth or transit report.

And what’s in the report?

When you order a report, without a consultation, you’ll receive a Word or PDF document ranging from 30-90+ pages (a lot of stuff to read). In the report, you’ll also receive the chart itself accompanied by an interpretation of an astrological personality profile based on You; your birth date, time and location (yes, do get your birth certificate now and double check all your facts).

Where does the report come from?

The report comes from a computer software program. The interpretations are written by a really fantastic astrologer named Steven Forrest. With more than several books already written on the topic of astrology, two of which I highly recommend to those interested in learning more about astrology. Steven is also (name drop time) String’s astrologer. Pretty neat!

Steven’s approach to astrology brings it down to earth (punny) and goes really easy on the astro speak, making digesting and understanding it more helpful because the way he writes it, you just get it!

And he also speaks about astrology and your personality profile through a spiritual lens that I personally love. He’s not out to change your religion and evangelize you to astrology, but after reading his report about yourself, trust me, you’ll hardly be able to resist.

He’s a great teacher of astrology. I hope to enjoy that in person some day!

Two books I would not miss if you’re interested in learning more about astrology (or you can order a report from me designed just for you).

The Inner Sky by Steven ForrestThe Inner Sky

Excellent book for serious beginning students of astrology. Starting with the basics and then expanding into interpreting a birth chart and even how to cast one (before computers, it was mad science!)

The report you order from me called The Sky Within (sample) helps you understand yourself and was written and designed by Steven himself. It feels like a boiled down version of his book Inner Sky except instead of covering everything else, it focuses specifically on you.

The Changing Sky by Steven ForrestThe Changing Sky

Helping you understand and apply the cycles and timing of today’s sky stuff (transits) and also looking a bit into the future.

The report you order from me called Skylog (sample) helps you understand what you are ready for from today’s perspective, what cycles of growth and awareness that are about to unfold or have already begun. Basically, giving some explanation to things you may be experiencing. Otherwise known as an astrology “aha moment.”

Because Astrology is cool like that!

The not as cheap or fast & but still pretty easy way

Ok some of you might want a little more than just a long report to read. Or specifically, you might want me (I’ll say it even though my ego perks up to begin asking questions about how big my britches really are). I do have a slant in just about everything I do. That is I bring a focus of practicing loving and accepting oneself into all of it. Because that’s what I’m learning. All the time. How to love and accept myself. And we teach what we most need to learn.

And that’s what astrology has given me, why I support it and feel supported by it. It is a pathway to understand and accept more of myself.

Maybe you like what you’re reading here. Maybe you want a more personal touch to the experience of seeing yourself through the lens of astrology. I spin a lot of my coaching stuff into it. It just happens, what can I say? I make room and show up and then I look at your chart and give you perspectives and insights. And most people find time spent with me well worth the cost and leave with more than they expected to receive.

My wish is that astrology be fun and interesting for you and help you step further into a kind of acceptance that frees you to be more of who you want to be and live your happiest life imaginable.