40 Days Of Alignment

Setting the tone for a rockin’ Twenty Eleven.

Hi. Thanks for stopping by to check out 40 Days of Alignment. Late last year, I made a promise to myself, that I would rock my own socks off this year. This is how I’m starting and you are welcome to join me (if your socks need rocking 😉

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My intention behind sharing it all… first & foremost, is to help myself (get aligned & write my ass off); and second, to contribute to my online community who provides an ever-expanding basis of connection to others who share my personal values. Rich! It’s all about the Love, baby! And pumping the internet highways full of it.   xomm.

Jan. 11: Back to Basics

January. A time for looking out across the landscape of the coming year. A time to make plans. A time to implement or rebuild our systems and processes that provide the structure and support for that undertaking.

It’s about engaging with success. One step at a time.

And it’s very Capricorn is what it is. Strategy & Business. Support systems and structure. Success…

Jan. 13: Alignment is…

Alignment is the practice of tuning into my inner world, where the evidence of how aligned I am, is how I feel. Alignment is allowing myself to use my attention to focus on feeling good. Alignment is adoring my self, the way I am adored.

Jan. 17: The Art of Appreciation

Between now and the end of February, I’m creating a regular space in my life and on my blog to help me practice focusing on my emotional journey to alignment.

I’m considering everything, as I go. I have no hard and fast plan, just a few ideas about getting back to basics. Stuff you might already know how to do and, like me, have forgotten how much it strengthens me internally when I do it.

Jan. 18: Becoming An Appreciator (video)

A few guiding principles for our emotional journey. What appreciation is and what you’ll notice after focusing on appreciation for any length of time. Just sit and listen and be easy. There is nothing to remember.

Jan. 20: How The Game Is Played (video)

Every time you’ve ever asked… desired anything… You’ve requested it for one reason only… and that is because you think you’ll feel better in the having of it. And what you’re really asking for is alignment. Harmony, wholeness, validation of the goodness that is You.

Jan. 21: Morning Prayer (video)

Let the prayer on your lips be… I want to know the fullness of who I am… so guide me closer, in every step today, to a fuller recognition of what I’ve been asking for… and who I really am…

Jan. 25: And Then I Will Uplift The World (post+video)

Alignment is many things. In it’s simplest form, alignment is appreciation. And alignment is also about innocence or guiltlessness…  a state where I am able to suspend judgment entirely. It’s the ability to appreciate each other, for exactly who we are. In alignment, diversity is actually celebrated.

Jan. 27: The Way You Feel About You (post+video)

The subject of self appreciation is literally at the heart of everything that everyone you know is living.

Jan. 31:Living The Law Of Attraction [post+video]

Now is the time to allow what you’ve created. Now is the time to receive. Now is the time to be free.

Feb. 2: My New Addicition (post+video)

40 days shifts gears to incorporate action as part of our emotional journey of alignment.

Feb. 3: Creating Fertile Ground For Harvesting Your Creative Solutions

The harder you look at the problem, trying to figure it out, the more you bring your creative energy to the keeping the problem exactly as it is. So take a break, build a list of anything positive, and change your own vibrational proximity and watch as the solution finds you. Building lists changes your vibe.

Feb. 5: Wellness & Alignment

Accessing the Vortex using your body and using the creative process of building lists of positive aspects.

Feb. 8: 3 Things To Remember About Alignment (video)

Reveling in your life experience…

Feb. 14: Relationships & Alignment

The only time you notice it’s not coming back (love) is if you are outside the Vortex depending on it to resource You. ~Abraham

Feb. 14: Everyday Religion: A Guest Post by Judy Kinney

Sorry sister, your relationship status is irrelevant! Love is love. A Love letter.

Feb. 15: Getting In Line With Your New Story

…are you worry/fear/doubting or expecting your new story? Discover how list building and telling new stories can train you to access your own alignment.

Feb. 16: Little Wonders (post + video)

Gratitude. The doorway. The path.

Feb. 17: Natural Alignment: A Guest Post by Lisa Capehart

My friend and fellow companion on the path, Lisa Capehart, dedicates her life to wellness and shares with us about following the rhythms of nature as a means of finding alignment in our wellness journey.


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