Defining Your Core

Core Values help me navigate every mission, big or small.

You can have large over-arching core values for life and adjust them under that canopy for specific projects, missions or goals.

My core values for “rona-geddon” help me focus on JUST FOR TODAY.


Make a plan & work it! You know best what your plan needs in order for you to be successful, however you define success. For me, it’s always a question of whether the thing I’m reaching for supports my wellness, or not.

YES Principle.

Get yourself into alignment with the energy/magic/power of saying YES to this… this being anything in your current field that is rough or an obstacle. Say yes to it so you turn the thing that’s happening TO you, into something that is happening FOR you. I call this the YES Principle.


Alignment with what I come from, with what I am, remembering that… letting the depth of it sink in deeply. Whatever you define as your source, we need to make a conscious choice, each and every day, to choose it. I call that alignment.

With these 3 values defined, the mission of living well during ronageddon is very achievable.

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