Transformation + Cancer

In case you missed it, Alana Sheeren invited me to participate in her Transformation Talk series a few weeks ago, where I shared some of my personal story about my journey through cancerville and how I developed my wellness program, 12 Principles For Living Well With Cancer.

For information about the program or questions about healing together, email me at mynde [at] myndemayfield [dot] com. If you’re reading this via email, click through to my website to view the video.

Deep optimystical bow to Alana for having me & the opportunity to share!

One thought on “Transformation + Cancer

  1. LeighTaylorEllis

    Thank you, Mynde, for making this available! It’s so wonderful to see your beautiful self shining so brightly in the world. As always, your candor, authenticity and love inspire me to be my true self and recognize my constant connection with Source. Thanks also to Alana for her wonderful interviewing style. Blessings to you both!


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