Creative Rev

When you’re an artist, noticing & nurturing your creativity is vital. I’ve
discovered it helps me feel whole. Especially the more forms of creative
medium I engage with.

Because art invokes feelings & emotions, it’s heart-based. At least for me. Which is a beautiful compliment to the heady-stuff I get into being a web designer & technology integration specialist & astrologer.

Next week, I start an online photography class. I’m already getting revved up. Last weekend, I think I shot some my best photos yet (see my website footer for a peek or connect with me on Flickr.) I want to tell you why they were some of my best and to do that, I need to be really super candid.

I know, you’re shocked.

Last weekend, my girlfriend & I discussed what it would look like to not be coupled up (see? it’s difficult to even write the words.) Yes. Fucking scary! Evoking deep emotions connected with security & home (full moon in Cancer) which poured through me, often times uncontrollably.

mynde + thunderboltIt was challenging walking down the boardwark of Venice beach or Pismo’s pier with tears streaming down my face. But I did. She with her DSLR & iphone. Me, with my Thunderbolt.

It’s a very soothing thing that happens when I shift my focus into seeing life through my Thunderbolt. Moving my body, experiencing nature & other people, gave me such tremendous relief from the emotions that flooded my entire being.

I think about the brain here because when we are in different emotional states of being, it releases different chemicals on que. When we’re really frightened and experiencing a lot of anxiety about what’s going to happen next, the brain will do its thing and release chemicals that produce the fight or flight response. Or if we’re falling in love, it releases all the dopey stuff that makes us see stars & stuff like that.

And what happens for me—where the wholeness comes in—is when I’m creating. Even though I can feel extremely disconnected from Source (the negative emotions I experience indicate this), I re-connect to myself (Source) through a creative medium.

Design. Writing. Photography. Cooking. Music. All creative outlets. That when I give them my attention, heal me. Balance me. Providing this beautiful temperance. During moments when I think & feel like I’m falling apart.

Artists generally lean toward the deeper side of life. Our lives—a canvas of human experiences—drawing us together or apart, for our own growth & expansion. These rich experiences actually fuel our fires, our passion, stimulate new thoughts & ideas, give us meaning for being here—when here is often a difficult passage.

I’m using my creativity to sooth my soul & give myself the space to process, grow & learn. With each creative movement, tapping into more of myself, and bringing it forward into the light.

I invite you to consider your creative outlets, which ones you nurture. Which ones want to be noticed & nurtured a bit more? What might tapping in produce in your life? Or for your business?

Next week, I go deeper into my creative soul using technology. Me & my Thunderbolt join Bindu Wiles’ The Photo Essay Project – Level 2 (beginner’s are welcome!) for what promises to be more deepening, more wholeness & healing, more unfoldment of the mystery of my own humanity.

Which is your humanity also.

And most certainly tons of creative rev that I’ll be channelling into this brand new 2012.

If you’re into photography or considering a new creative outlet using your iphone or android device, find out more about Bindu’s photography course here. I’ve worked with Bindu on & off since 2005. Her perspectives on life, art & creativity offer ways to connect more deeply so that you can reshape your current reality in a powerful, transformative way.


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    When you’re an artist, noticing & nurturing your creativity is vital. I’ve
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