Twitter: My Rules & Lists

Several months ago, I went on a Twitter diet. Probably connected to the Facebook re-alignment thing I did just before that. And, the overall shedding of things, that’s been a movement in my life, since October of 2010.

This movement (and it’s been just that), or desire for change, came from within. Although I did have and continue to count on, Universal aides and Divine prompts that grab my attention so that just for a moment, I can hear myself clearly say, “Yes, I want that.”

This movement was about alignment with my best me. And the excuses I’ve heard myself say countless times when I dreamt about my tomorrows and how I wanted them to be. About my healthy, fit body. How happy I am. How in love with life and myself, that I am.

And I decided to just get in line with it now. Why the fuck waste any more time? People we love drop dead every day. And that reality screams at me to live and cherish every moment.

So I said Yes to now. Literally. And figuritively. That was 40 pounds and a 3-bedroom-condo-full-of-furniture ago.

When you clean out, you clear up.

Simple as that.

One day not too long ago, I looked at my Twitter stream and it felt bloated. And often challenging to get any good stuff from any of you because it was such a fire-hose of constant flowing information.

I know the “rules.” About Twitter. And following everyone who follows you. It’s customary. Considerate. All that.

And I’ll tell you straight up, I’m one of the kindest people you’ll meet. Sweet too. Most people say one of those two words after knowing me for a moment… or millenia (up to the karma I guess).

But after all the purging, I absolutely prefer lightness & clarity.

So I turned my Twitter fire-hose into a softly dripping faucet that whispers inspirations and reminders for helping me focus on the stuff that really matters.

Which is me. Or you, in your case.

So no offense when/if I don’t follow you back. Really.

Makin’ a list.

Many of you, have landed on a list. A useful way I’m organizing & building my own network of people, resources, friends using Twitter.

I love Twitter. I believe in technology and the innovation that is Twitter… and I’ve learned how to change the rules if they don’t fit. Which is being an innovator for myself.

You can too.

Don’t be on Twitter if it doesn’t feel good. Don’t worry about Facebook right now, if it doesn’t light you up right now.

Focus on you and what makes you feel good.

Twitter definitely makes me feel good now. I can actually take you in. And really appreciate you. And your contribution to the conversation.

So please do join me. And the rest of us. When you’re ready.

And whenever that is, say hi. I’m @myndemayfield.

Say Hi! I'm @myndemayfield on Twitter!






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