A Universal Time Out

Beginning today, Mercury, the ruler of communication, commerce and basically your normal day-to-day activities, will appear to begin moving backward in the sky, continuing to do so until December 13th.

It is the universe’s “time-out” for all of us. Hall passes do not exist here.

Except if you were born when Mercury was retrograde. Then this “curse” becomes a keen superpower from practicing living and operating as-if Mercury was retrograde throughout your entire lifetime, rendering one immune to Mercury’s influences during its retrograde cycles.

Mercury retrogrades for three-week durations (really 5 ½ weeks if you count the Shadow Period). This happens at least three times and sometimes up to four times, each and every year.

For most of us, we will experience a range of communication, commerce and day-to-day activity interruption, resulting in a build-up of frustration and impatience due to Mercury’s backwards motion, introducing anything from inconsequential delays to complete breakdowns; communication, mechanical, technological.

Find out more about what to expect during a Mercury Retrograde cycle, or what exactly Mercury Retrograde is, and on my yearly Mercury Retrograde calendar review the dates & times for Mercury mishaps including the Shadow Period which for this cycle ends New Year’s Eve (Dec. 31st).

A common manifestation for all during times of Mercury mayhem, and why I refer to it as the universal time-out, is a shift in all our activities from one of go-go-going to slowing down and re-evaluating.

The standard Mercury Retrograde advice encourages us to engage with all words beginning with “re” and since my move last month, my new normal has been filled with many of these types of activities:

rejuvenating, relaxing, re-engineering, realizing, re-aligning, reposing, refreshing, relieving, recessing, recuperating, recreating, retreating, recovering, reclining, releasing, reprieving, reacquiring, reforming, redressing, reassembling, refuge within myself…

You get it by now.

I hope most of your holiday shopping is complete. If not, I’d wait until after the 13th, unless you like standing in the return line.

Slow down. Take a breath. And remember to smile. Mercury is known as the trickster so you can bet he will be!

If you’re interested in understanding how this Mercury Retrograde will affect you personally or understanding yourself better through Astrology, let’s chat.

Happy Thanksgiving!

With love & levity,
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5 thoughts on “A Universal Time Out

  1. Thanks for this, Mynde! I knew it was coming, but forgot when. We are definitely NOT buying a new stove now. That is all I needed to know. And I wish I had signed some contracts earlier.

    What are your thoughts on that? Do you believe if you started the process before retrograde, it won’t take as big a hit? Curious.


    • hi kat!
      signing is “executing” or initiating energy, which is the exact opposite type of energy being supported by the universe right now. so avoid it if at all possible.

      signing contracts or initiating anything would have been ideal before Nov 5th, but as long as you signed before today, you should be fine. if you must sign anything during the retrograde period, take extra time to go over things, be extra clear about everything and still expect to have to return to this issue at some point in the future.

      There are a few other conditions which make signing under retrograde “acceptable” … which i’ll save for a future post.

      but being humans, we get to choose to go with the flow or against it. depends on if you prefer to struggle or not, lol.

      i know, sometimes i wonder. 🙂 xoxomm.


  2. Thanks, Mynde! I’d love to see that next post. Ayyyyyyyyyy.


  3. A Universal Time Out http://t.co/tlHhvfV1 Guess I'll buy that laptop later…#mercuryretrograde


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