Sidebar Banners: Adding Bling To Your Blog

One of the most frequently asked questions from webifying women is about managing her sidebar.

Banners, buttons, ads or badges… all the clicky-thingy’s.

Putting your bling in! Your own or someone else’s.

Calls-To-Actions. That’s what they are. Shiney. Attention-getting. Remember blinking ones? ugh.

In my webification package, you now get up to four custom banners or badges installed to your sidebar with your affiliate links (if you have them).

Today’s post is about making it easier for you create and manage not just one, but a set of banners and install them in your sidebar. Yourself!

WP-125 Plugin

Creating & managing sidebar banners. Seriously simple & easy.

Here’s the to-do list:

  • Search, install & activate the plugin. I show you how here, in this under-5-minute video about creating a contact page where I go through the same steps to search and install the contact page plugin, that you’ll use to get WP-125 into your WordPress blog. I even slur the word WordPress. So unrehearsed. ick & hahahah.
  • Your affiliate link for trusted product/service provider’s thing you’re about offer or display when someone clicks the banner.
  • The image link to the banner art you’d like to install.

Really. That’s it. Gather up the above details, install & activate the plugin, and within a few minutes you’ll have a set (I’m up to eight but I’ve already discovered where this plugin falls short for me which I explain in a minute).

To display your new set of banners in your sidebar, visit Appearance > Widgets on your WordPress admin dashboard to drag & drop the WP-125 widget into your preferred sidebar. You’re done. WP-125 just did all the work. And the plugin has a few more setting options I didn’t share.

You can use a [short-code] to invoke the set of banners within a post or page. You can also specify a single banner ad from the set, if that’s your desire. Useful when installing a single banner to a blog post you’ve written the speaks to why you personally endorse the product you’re pimping. Just sayin.’

And for the more advanced Web Designer Developer, there is a php call for using with Thesis Open Hooks. More technical here. But I wrote this part for the you that’s out there wondering more about how I do what I do, exactly. Other designers or virtual assistants finding their tech savvy way. You know who you are.

Limitations & all that

For easily displaying banner ads for the first time, doing it yourself… this is a perfect plugin.

And I mentioned I’ve already run into my issue… which is I need to create multiple sets of banners. From what I can see, WP-125 is limited to creating just a single set. Although, there is an option to control how many banners you show in the set.

I just Delicioused Kevin Muldoon’s englightening in-depth review post, The Best Ad Management Plugins for WordPress. Turns out there is another plugin that may unlock me from my WP-125 limitations and allow me to create banner ad zones called Max Banner Ads.

zzzzzz. i ❤ technology 🙂

Plugin – pluggin me

Remember, I’m a pro at all this shiz. And, I love watching/seeing/feeling you feel empowered when we do it. My intention is help you grow by sharing what I know. If you’d like to get to know this plugin and how to use it or your WordPress blog, here’s how to get some of  my optimystically-styled help.

And, if it’s love, then we’re two birds of a feather and the rest is still whatever… ~Train

Birds & graffiti


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