How To Fix Bloated Paypal Buttons in Thesis WordPress

Help! My Paypal Buttons Are Fat & Ugly

Ok, this is one of the most frequently asked “help” questions I get from clients. For some reason, the base code of the Thesis theme effects how your Paypal buttons display on your web pages.

I say “some” reason, because the developers of the Thesis theme I’m sure have some logical reason behind it. But for where you need to go, this isn’t important.

For this trick, you’ll simply be doing some cutting and pasting (like many other tasks that have to do with making your web presence go, right?)

From your WP Admin dashboard, you’re going to visit your Thesis sidebar menu and click “Custom File Editor.” Hopefully, the default file selection will be your custom.css file. You can tell by what’s displayed in the heading “Currently editing:…” It’s bold. Right up top, under the main navigation of your WP Admin dashboard. If it doesn’t say “Currently editing: custom/custom.css,” select it from the dropdown just below the heading.

One you’ve got the file pulled up in the editing box, scroll to the bottom and paste the following code in.

/* fix bloated Paypal buttons */
input[type=image] { width:auto; background: none repeat scroll 0% 0% transparent; border: none; }

Then, click the Big Ass Save Button.

Now, return to your webpage with your Paypal buttons and refresh your view of the page in your web browser, like a visitor would.

Paypal buttons now svelte and sexy? YAY!

Lovin’ easy.

Here’s the video for the visual learners. Full screen version.

Need this kinda video help?
Check out The Video Library.


5 thoughts on “How To Fix Bloated Paypal Buttons in Thesis WordPress

  1. Thanks Mynde! This video is just what I needed. I’m putting my PayPal button on a diet soon. Lee


  2. Thanks Mynde,
    I just did it on my site and it worked like a champ. I really appreciate your help.


  3. Holy hell yes!! Can’t wait to get my laptop out and run this fix. You were already a rock star, and now…..thank you for this.


  4. I have the Bloated Pay Pal Button Problem. I followed the video and did exactly what it said to do, but it did not fix the Enlarged Button Issue.

    If you go to my site and click on the red button on Sidebar that says Purchase Tickets you will go the page I am talking about.

    Any ideas on how to solve this are appreciated.



    • Hi Beverly,
      Your buttons look good to me. Maybe it was an update WordPress needed? If you are still having challenges, the most effective way to help you is to set up some consulting time for me to take a look at it with you.


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