The Way You Feel About You

The subject of self appreciation is literally at the heart of everything that everyone you know is living.

My focus on Alignment actually began long before January of this year. The original idea sprung on me in June of 2010. However, today, I want to take you back to October of last year.

Closing the gap.

So this whole alignment thing was bouncing around my head. I was thinking about how to close the gap… between where I was now and where I had always dreamed I’d like to be.

I was invited to participate in an online community event created to help me with the practice of letting go. One of the very last bullets on my About page speaks to letting go. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized about myself, that I often hesitate here and it ends up costing me in many ways.

I had been working with a concept of letting versions of my self from the past go. Like versions of me that were hooked on something from the past. Or had a belief that was no longer serving me. So in many ways, I was already in the mindset of letting go of myself… and finding greater alignment to my own authenticity.

In the Shed Project created by my favorite Buddhist Bindu Wiles, I made a commitment to myself to find greater alignment with my health and wellness. I’ve shared a lot about this in the past. How coming from a place of judging my body, what was wrong with it, how out-of-shape I had become, how my soft parts had become softer and rounder over the last five years… steadily gaining about 5 pounds per year.

I was definitely out of alignment with how I pictured myself. The healthy, fit, vibrant, moving-around-the-earth-enjoying-life-and­-the-journey-in-a-body-I-could-appreciate-and-love me.

I became determined to find her. To discover her… or uncover her. To uncover Me. And begin treating myself like the goddess that I am. Thought by thought, step-by-step.

Sixteen weeks after the Shed Project, I’ve lost over 25 pounds. Week by week, about 1.5 pounds per week. Steadily moving toward a healthier me. Appreciating myself along the way. Watching how quickly my body responds (to appreciation) and finds it’s balance.

It was this video (well two) that helped drive home an important concept I had lost track of. The one about using myself as my own source of inspiration. And how, when you’ve trained yourself to do that, you pretty much become… aligned.

[This is a video post, so you might need to click through if you’re reading this via email or RSS.]


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