And Then I Will Uplift The World

I hope you are enjoying the emotional ride of 40 Days of Alignment. I sometimes notice myself calling it 40 Days to Alignment and realize that I can achieve alignment everyday. Or even, every moment.

Which sounds like it would take a lot of discipline. However, the interesting counter intuitive surprise is that the only effort required to do it, is in focusing on feeling good. Or just better, if you’ve suddenly found yourself deep in the messiness of heartache’s like as grief, loss, death. Or, most frightening of all, a feeling of powerlessness.

Like when I saw the bumper sticker yesterday that said “2012 can’t get here fast enough” and any of the “Yes on 8” bumper stickers from 2008. Deep within powerlessness, lies the primal need for survival (even when we’re not mortally threatened). It’s been in my greatest states of feeling no power to change/control/influence a person or situation, that I’ve done and said the most destructive things to others and/or myself.

Alignment is many things. Which is why I love that it’s my word for the entire year of 2011 (not just these 40-or-so days I’m focusing on it). In it’s simplest form, alignment is appreciation. And alignment is also about innocence or guiltlessness…  a state where I am able to suspend judgment entirely. It’s the ability to appreciate each other, for exactly who we are. In alignment, diversity is actually celebrated.

I have to pause here, because my imagination momentarily ran away with me to the place where people genuinely celebrated each others differences.

Stunning, isn’t it?

Think about that for a moment. What are the qualities of people like that? We are curious and full of wonder. We look out toward our tomorrows instead back at our yesterdays. Whether looking into a stranger’s or our lover’s face, we see ourselves.

What we think and feel about the world, people and situations in our life, is the signal we broadcast. This 40-day series is about refining your signal and being more on purpose with it (you can get it delivered straight to your inbox by adding your name & email in the my sidebar.)

The emotional journey continues…

Take a few minutes to watch (or close your eyes and listen). Setting the tone for the rest of your day…  and become increasingly addicted to alignment.

[This is a video post, so you might need to click through if you’re reading this via email or RSS.]


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