The Art Of Appreciation

Between now and the end of February, I’m creating a regular space in my life and on my blog to help me practice focusing on my emotional journey to alignment.

I’ll be:

  • posting videos from,
  • writing to share and support myself and
  • making writing the invitation to help me focus on the journey.

I’m considering everything, as I go. I have no hard and fast plan, just a few ideas about getting back to basics. Stuff you might already know how to do and, like me, have forgotten how much it strengthens me internally when I do it.

I’m reclaiming my outward gaze or what has my attention, the practice of alignment.

Vaishali, one of my favorite spiritual personalities on the planet right now, says “We are what we love and we love what we give our attention to.”

I’m doing this to help myself be more choosey with my attention this year.

Giving my attention to appreciation.

I want to remember what it’s like to feel certain about my own worth & value, by noticing it daily, the first 40-or-so anyway.

I want to see what is already here for me. Right now and on into 2011.

I want to launch off into 2011 from this foundation… from the energy that comes from the regular practice of turning my focus toward my own compass. A compass that always asks one question, and only one question: how do I feel? When I think that thought… or before getting ready to do anything seeing it happen first in my mind and going the way I want it to. In a way that will give me pleasure, joy, satisfaction.

I want to see where it all can go, if I start with this first. If I start with using what makes me feel good, as the deal maker or breaker.

So back to basics begins with the art of appreciation. I will be setting the tone of 2011 with practices that help me appreciate everything…  my world, my life and my self.

I want to show myself how to flow my attention with more intention. I want to learn how to focus my attention with more precision… how to create my own inner joy (no one else on the planet knows how to do this for me except me and I’m ready to understand this better and own it a deeper levels in my life).

I’m offering you the invitation to join me. To re-join with your own inner being. To go where Source goes. To see it how Source sees it. To stand up in your Divine provision of abundance and wellness. To connect into alignment with more regularity.

To find ourselves, all year long, enjoying more of what our lives have to offer and being more of what we came to life offering… our unique ability to dream it the way we want it & then create it… beginning with the first 40-days-or-so.

Please join me in getting your own alignment on by adding your name & email in the boxes in the column on the right.

With deep love & appreciation,



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