Alignment is…

Alignment is an emotional journey.

Two worlds, the outer and the inner. An outer world called reality. It’s live action, here-and-now. It’s as real as real can get. This keyboard I’m typing on, that chair you’re sitting in. My inner world is every thought I think that I don’t (usually) speak. It’s every feeling that each of those unspoken thoughts I think create. A private inner world.

Alignment is the practice of tuning into my inner world, where the evidence of how aligned I am, is how I feel.

It’s not the getting there, it’s the going.

I do not seek alignment in order to get a specific result (get more clients, get the girl/guy to love me, win the lottery). Alignment is for my personal pleasure. It’s tuning to the signal of my pure desire. It’s trust. It’s faith. It’s knowing.

Every thing I’ve ever done or wanted (good & bad) or want right now, is so I can feel better. Always. If I feel good now and learn to do that habitually, what will ever matter again?

Alignment is allowing myself to use my attention to focus on feeling good.

You can be one vibration or two.

What created you and me and everything we see, adores us. ADORES YOU. Every feeling of negative emotion comes from a thought that did not originate from your Source. A split.

Alignment is adoring my self, the way I am adored.

You must teach your self alignment.

Pretty simple & clear. This is gonna be up to me. No one in my life is gonna have to be different than they are. No situation in my life is gonna have to be different than it is. No more waiting for situations or people to change so I can be happy…

Starting now.

Close your eyes. Think of any good thought. A pleasant memory from your past, a hopeful wish for your future. Focus on every detail you can recall or formulate. Think about how it would feel to have any wish you wanted right now…  to be deeply grateful for all of it, and excited for what is coming next because you’ve finally figured this whole thing out… finally! And it was worth it. And it is worth it. Every single step. Every joy. Every heartbreak. Teaching me my alignment.

There. You’re in. This is alignment.

Today, set aside one minute and eight seconds (yes, that’s all it takes and it’s really that easy). Spend time in your inner world at least once today. Formulating the details of your top wish for 2011. Every new place your wish will take you. Each person your wish will bring into your life. All the satisfaction you’ll be experiencing, the great love you feel for your life and towards the people and situations in it and a real eagerness to experience even more. Your purpose is to flow attention & focus (love) outward in appreciation; an anchoring principle you’ll discover as you teach yourself Alignment.

PS. If you’d like to join me on this (40-day-or-so) emotional journey of discovering alignment, be sure to subscribe in the sidebar on the right.



2 thoughts on “Alignment is…

  1. Mynde, sugar, I love this post, this concept, this practice. Love your wording, your approach, your intent. I will be following along. Yes, yes I will.


  2. "Alignment is adoring my self, the way I am adored." @myndemayfield


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