Out of Easy, Comes Alignment

Late last year, about this time, I was “given” my word for 2010 and I tell you that story here.

Short-version of the story is my word for 2010 is Easy.

No. Not like in that was easy. More like, how can I invite easy in to my experience this year?

So that’s basically what I did. I gave myself a 2010 guideline so I could discover how good easy can be. I made the choice to discover easy because I recognized that I have a real knack for creating a more complicated route to my destinations than is often (ever) necessary.

Complicated and hard aren’t bad. Not totally. They actually helped me see easy as an option (light bulb!)

Easy has brought me quite a long way this year. So far in fact, I’m not ditching it in ’11.  Easy is working for me. Period.

At the end of this year though, I’m reflecting on the biggest aha I could share, in one word, for what easy taught me and what I plan to use as a guideline for 2011 (so glad #reverb10 is starting here because this post has been planned and I now have the excuse/reason to write it TODAY.)

Out of easy came alignment.

Yes, that’s my word. My intention for 2011. I am willing to be/seek alignment with that which supports me most (hence making everything easy) which is Source.

Source. God. Allah. Holy Spirit. All those things. All the names we use. The name you use. I want to know my center, more than ever before. I want to bring an aligned me to all the situations in my life.

I’ve already started doing this. I’m happy to say, I have a regular morning ritual for the first time in my life. I mean, my mornings have always been there. But what I do, in those very moments upon rising, has become a sacred time for me. And I’m choosing my alignment first.

Yes, it’s up and down. In and out. High and low. I’m not always aligned. It’s not always easy. But I’ve realized it’s up to me, and me only. To decide. Instead of waiting for something outside of me to be different. I decide right now.

When I choose alignment (or to see it as God/Love sees it), it changes how I see a situation entirely.

This is a practice.  Getting in alignment. And I’ll be sharing my own personal ways of gaining alignment, noticing when I’m out of alignment, and becoming friends with the process of moving in and out of alignment. The goal is not be aligned 100% of the time, that would be an attachment to an outcome. The goal is to experience myself choosing again and again, my alignment to Source energy.

Greater and greater numbers of us are joining together in harmonic resonance. Another reason for you and I to celebrate and welcome alignment.

Reverb10.com. An annual event and online initiative to reflect on your year and manifest what’s next. The end of the year is an opportunity to reflect on what’s happened, and to send out reverberations for the year ahead. With Reverb 10, you can do both.


9 thoughts on “Out of Easy, Comes Alignment

  1. alignment with the source energy. just reading that intention soothes me. and practice? yes. absolutely. we’re always becoming, right? happy anniversary!


  2. I love your words for both this year and next. Wishing you a year that is easy and centred.


  3. I love your choice of alignment. It suggests peace and harmony – a wonderful year to come for you I hope.


  4. I love this. Easy… that sounds like a really fun one, and alignment that just makes me relax. Good luck and enjoy the journey. 🙂


  5. easy brought her through 2010; alignment takes her forward @myndemayfield #reverb10 http://bit.ly/dIQuhz


  6. RT @myndemayfield: my first #reverb10 post – Out of Easy Comes Alignment http://bit.ly/fQUKUw


  7. RT @whollyjeanne: easy brought her through 2010; alignment takes her forward @myndemayfield #reverb10 http://bit.ly/dIQuhz


  8. A morning ritual. One of those things Ive meant to create for most of the past 20 years. One things ive never quite got around to hanging on to. Maybe I should take this as a gentle nudge from the Universe and try again.


  9. I spent the last year of my life doing a morning ritual and it’s been fabulous. It totally changed my life. I have many more happy days and I live with more purpose!
    I love that your word is alignment. It’s gorgeous.
    I talk about alignment with my students and readers sometimes. For me, it’s not just alignment with God/Source and Earth (grounding), but also an alignment/integration of mind/body/spirit. It seems like each supports the whole!


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