Void Where Prohibited

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted. I’ve been into another void of sorts. And I’m happy to say that I’m doing a lot better at loving myself through this one than I did the last time this happened.

What happened? Oh, you know, things are running along smoothly and then bam! You hit tired, or exhausted or anything in between. And this eventually, for me at least, leads to doing nothing. Which is the point that I get now.

But not too long ago I beat myself up for not being able to figure out where the void came from or why the void came… basically fixing the shit outta stuff that’s not broken.

So another void. This time, I’ve turned into self-love sooner. Because I’m recognizing, it is the only thing to remain in absolute steadfast connection with as often as possible. It is the key to everything. All my goodness. All my success. All my joy. All my freedom. It’s in learning to love & accept myself more. With every single situation I encounter in my life.

With this void, I am restructuring a lot of old thinking into new ways of seeing things.

Because, in the end, how I see it, how I see any person or situation, is my choice.

Feeling “at home” with the void

There is a place for voids in my life. I believe this. Six month ago, I needed more external support with that (thank you Charlie, Lee, Lisa & ladies of my Heart of Business Mastermind group). So for today, I’m making peace with where I am right now, because it’s the only way to move forward. Embracing what is.

And what is, is the void. Another one. And there will be another after this one. And as long as I keep loving myself through it at the forefront of the process, the voids are sweet and good and precious moments of recollecting and reassembling myself internally. Leaving behind the stuff that doesn’t fit anymore.  Discovering clarity to move forward with renewed intention.  And conjuring the most positive expectations for what might be next.

Very recently, I had one of those experiences where you read something old and discover something brand new. The famous “In the beginning” quote from the bible came into my consumptive stream (weird, coincidental, or Divinely timed?)… About when it was all first created. One word jumped out of the sentences I read for the 1,000th time. And I had this teensy reconciliatory moment.

We all came from the void. Every new thought or idea, comes from the void. Every artist’s creation comes from the void of creativity itself.

I’ve transformed my view the void. Instead of resisting it, I relax into it now. I trust it and its messages. Messages about slowing down, being still and getting back to my own roots; where my soul is the resource I mine. A space for creating balance so I do not remain lost in my business-only [or insert yours here] pursuits.

I personally believe, cultivating a skill of learning to see situations differently, is vital for shifting our lives out of survival mode and into thriving. It’s one of the main reasons a life coach is hired, to help you cultivate an expanded awareness or re-orientation toward life’s challenges and sore spots (places of vulnerability we protect at any cost and keep hidden from the world).

Learning to work with our challenges and sore spots requires support. And being too stuck in our own perspectives, we cannot do this inner work alone.

If you’re curious and want to know more about learning to see the challenging situations or people in your life differently or would like to discover how your sore spot might actually be a hidden super power (true story!), let’s chat.

2 thoughts on “Void Where Prohibited

  1. yes, the void has gotten a bad rap, that’s for sure. sounds like you’ve got a handle on it, though. as much as anybody can ever get a grip on the void. (p.s. so glad to see you’re participating in #reverb10. that’s how i met you last year!)


  2. hi jeanne,
    thanks for stopping by. yes, i’ve made friends with the void. at least for this time. i’m looking more closely at my resistance to resting and asking myself some important questions.

    and really looking forward to participating in #reverb10… xomm.


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