Understanding Your Business Processes

It’s one thing for me to teach you the steps of how to create a Paypal button and put it on your upcoming event’s sales page.

But along with understanding how to use Paypal in your online business, understanding where it fits into a (your) business process is also super critical.

What is a business process?

It’s probably something you do repeatedly. A series of steps, grouped together as a “task” where several tasks equal a process.

Like “onboarding” a new client. I have a process. I gather certain information and send out certain information. It’s usually always the same thing. It’s a process.

Or like creating a paid event for your business. You will be accepting payments from your clients/customers. You’ll be delivering products or services. How do you, the business owner, plan to complete the process?

Technology can help you with process improvements.

A client just created an event. She built her Paypal button for the event and put it on her event sales page. She planned on manually adding each buyer to an Aweber list. I explained to her that by taking advantage of a Paypal setting when creating her button, she could paste a URL to a page on her blog she creates… it’s the page that tells your customers ‘Thank You’ when they finish their Paypal transaction. And on this page she could embed her Aweber list widget and ask her clients to sign-up themselves.  Leveraging technology to unburden herself from a part of her business process.

That is a business process. And those processes keep on expanding and changing, just like you, your business and it’s web presence.

And there are a thousand ways (because it’s technology) to skin this… meaning there are several other ways to integrate Paypal with Aweber so you, the business owner, do less. It just all depends on how much you’ve thought through your own processes.

One more example.

My latest cool new thing in my biz… the Video Library.

Usability training in the end of my last corporate gig really helped me understand how easy it can be to begin capturing processes. By mapping repeated tasks to certain events in a process and writing short bullet-point lists called scenarios, I can see more of how I expect a web visitor to interact with my webpage. The point of which is, to help them complete a task with ease and little frustration.

We all get to do this. At some point. Whether we are launching a sales page for a retreat or a new online community event. We get to ask ourselves what is the point? What are we doing again?

My initial biz process looked like this:

  • Buyer clicks Paypal button >
  • Buyer gets registered to my membership site >
  • Buyer gets added to my Aweber list >

At the time, that’s as much of the process as I understood.

Then I built the Video Library, and here’s how it all actually turned out:

  • Buyer clicks Paypal button>
  • Buyer automatically directed to Membership Registration page via WishList >
  • Buyer completes new member registration >
  • Buyer delivered to Registration success page >
  • Buyer receives two emails >
  • Buyer opens “Confirm Aweber subscription” email >
  • Buyer opens Video Library email & clicks login URL >

This might seem like a lot of what you don’t want to think about. At least while you are learning how to create a Paypal button.

But getting technology to work for you will ask you to know and understand your business processes.

Even the web presence we built for you, had a roadmap we followed to get there.

Thinking about a roadmap or using scenarios for your next event, product or service offering will only help you discover the intersections of where technology can help you be a more effective business owner.

So, it’s worthwhile, to get processing on your processes. If you don’t yet have a support team in place, you’ll be ready to delegate when you do get one. And if you already have one, it’ll help you delegate to them more effectively.

I hope to be sharing more about processes and ways I can help you tame and implement a few new ones of your own.


One thought on “Understanding Your Business Processes

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