No Regrets, Forest Sun

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This week flew by in a blurred whoosh. I heard a few songs that captivated me. I stopped, thought and relished.

But the truth is, this song hooked me about 3 or 4 weeks ago when I first heard it on Pandora. At the time, I was reflecting about the past, about a relationship, about the various relationships I’ve had with myself.  And of course, others in my life who’ve touched me in special ways and… thinking about how the relationship itself didn’t exactly turn out the way I’d planned or hoped.

More goodbyeing here… in the continued vein and seasonal invitation to let go and discover… grace where it’s been sore and bruised, vulnerable and protected.

No Regrets by Forest Sun

Forest Sun “No Regrets” (6 of 8) Folk Music from San Francisco from One Night Music on Vimeo.

darling, no regrets.
I’m so glad we met.
and even though we made a mess,
I’m glad that we said yes…
darling, no regrets.

you know I love you still,
and I always will.
and love is not a test,
I know we did our best..
darling, no regrets

oh darling, no regrets
oh darling, no regrets

darling, no regrets
here’s to your success…
may all you do be blessed,
I wish you every happiness…
darling, no regrets.

oh darling, no regrets
oh darling, no regrets


3 thoughts on “No Regrets, Forest Sun

  1. I love this song! And I have that exact field recorder, too.


  2. love this song! i aspire to bring this approach to the beginning and end of every relationship, and even the parts in between. thanks for sharing =)


  3. loving the thoughts & sentiment behind No Regrets, Forest Sun (v @myndemayfield ) beautiful song.


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