Designing A Vision

Web Designer. It’s a title I hold, that I don’t take too lightly. In fact, my recently dissed inferiority beliefs whisper to me about not being a real one all the time.

Design has so many connotations. I feel sometimes, too small to be included in such a rich and diverse crowd called “Designers.”

But I do know a lot about it. And like any other artist, the way I express it is unique to me. It doesn’t mean I have to know all the ways the art can be expressed in order to express my own. I can still just do my thang.

Last week I talked about the pipeline I first saw in the shower. And if you glance at the photo, it’s pretty easy to see I’m heading into a massive design session with several new clients.

I’m attempting to space things out as much as I can. But I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing at all. I’ve never been this busy with this many design projects at once.

I’ve asked a few new biz ops if they don’t mind waiting until November 1 to begin our optimystical adventure in web presencing themselves. Never done that either. I’m not sure what I was so freaked out about. I guess I was afraid they would say this isn’t a good fit because timelines don’t match and then my habit of taking it personally would get inflamed. Or that, in some way I’m holding out my hand to the universal flow of abundance and saying “stop!” Either way, I sense that whatever I am thinking about, is taking me out of it (a flow of well-being).

And I was pleasantly surprised, when I asked for what I think I needed (time and space between the flow of the projects coming in). I experienced very little resistance really. It had only been my thinking up till now, that had been resistant.

New client says, “OK, I trust you” [insert intentional “sink in” pause here].

I think I need to read that one a few thousand times and let it in… it’s a big deal to hear anyone in your web audience say they trust you. It means whatever they see you doing or saying, they believe is honest and true and genuine. And real. You trust what I’m showing you is who I am.

Jedi: Hello? Mynde! You are doing really really good.

I wondered this morning if I’m not just believing in scarcity again. This time around time and not having enough of it to do what I love AND be happy, well and expansive at once.

So I pondered what I wanted, instead of focusing on what scares me (telling cool people like you, who might be reading this, “I don’t have enough space for you!” …ugh)

What if there was enough time for all of it? And what if, even when there seemed not to be enough time, the people I’m collaborating with understood that too? And showed up relaxed and easy going with it (and when they didn’t, I didn’t give a shit. Not in a mean, uncaring way, but in the “I care more about feeling good, all the time” way?)

And what if  they actually read my 6 Ways to Stay Optimystical During Your Webification Process several times during the process (like I do). To remind myself how to successfully navigate this web presencing path (or any path), kindly, toward self and others?

Oh and what if they got that this web presencing thing isn’t all my responsibility? Like, I just don’t make this happen. It might seem like “Tah-duh!” but it aint’ that way. I promise you.  (And wait, what if I got all that too?) What if each of us really owned our collaborative parts, asking for what we needed, feeling our way through it, with an attitude of friendliness toward it all?

What if when we each noticed uncomfortable, we did something different? We learned how to sit in it a little longer. Or we became curious instead? Or we discovered courage to say it out loud to each other?

And what if in this heavy design phase I’m about to enter with several wonderful “You’s that have already said Yes” I get clearer in my own biz process for what works and what doesn’t? And that scales out in a helpful expansive way so that I’m synchronistically connected to those I’m meant to serve? You. Me. Us. We. Each just showing up?

And what if, I just relaxed a little bit about it all. Trusted myself a bit more. Found the Love that is already here. And wrote more love notes to myself?

It’s a vision. By design.

We all are designers of some kind.

Designing our lives with the thoughts we think about most.

  • Where do your predominant thoughts rest?
  • Do you feel driven by your thoughts?

In my world I envision myself with no more fear of “not enough.” I’m noticing more often, what I’m thinking about and deciding if it truly supports me. I am intentionally choosing to direct my thoughts toward more life affirming visions. And my daily practice is living my life by design.


2 thoughts on “Designing A Vision

  1. RT @myndemayfield new m2 = Designing A Vision <—- love it. big hugs and smiles to you!


  2. I love this, truly. Bringing design out into the bigger picture of living – so liberating!


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