Harvesting Business Clarity

Yesterday, I experienced another one of those moments, where I realize (again), that I get really great ideas when I take showers.

I sat at my desk working. Not wanting to stop. Because that’s who I am sometimes. I really do love my work. I love being captivated with my own passion. Working on and in my business fills me to the brim with passion.

I knew a break would be good for me. It’s good to break up large segments where I’m creatively flowing my energy outward and into a project or situation. Every time I do it, I realize I make space for really great ideas to pop in. They can be random ideas, but they are always the kind of ideas that I feel inspired to act on right away (more passion).

I built a pipeline this week.

Warning - this is what happens when you work with Charlie Gilkey.

I’m trying to see different pictures of my work flow. Mostly to soothe this teensy bit of panic I feel when I consider there’s only one me and more than several of you.

August was so slow. And forward fall movement finally picked up about midway through September, when Mercury Retrograde lifted.

I thought I’d have launched my membership thing by now. I originally told myself, mid-September. And here we are.

This week, I just started cutting my implementation ideas way back… to simple. And easy. It’s the only way it will get done for me. And more and more of you are asking for what I think it solves. Easy access to super simple videos showing you how to make WordPress work for you.

Four new women have said yes this week to web presencey collaboration. Four more are in the hopper. I expect two of those to say yes.

Four existing clients are in the process of getting to the Launch finish line with web presences started earlier this year.

Six clients in aftercare (sounds like I made them sick or something). But it’s basically things I’m doing for clients to continue to help them move forward with their web presencey thang. Sales pages. Paypal. Aweber.

Taking this all in, in the form of a picture, helps me decide which part of what I’m doing really inspires me and captivates me in my passion.  I’ll be able to see my business life cycle’s reality, what tradeoff’s or ‘no’s’ I’ll be saying soon and why it’s important for me to say them (see Optimystical Rule #5).

I’m seriously hoping it soothes my anxiety about feeling too full to continue to accept new business. And or, what to say to someone who wants to work with me but I just don’t see room right now. Or is it my view of “right now” is too small? Is it even true that I am too full to accept new business?

This picture helps me see what’s real. And also see (again) how it all hinges on what I think.

If I could just relax a little more, stop making such a big deal outta small stuff, have some fun, make mistakes better, surrender smiling more than crying, and say Yes more often.

Yes to the way it is. Yes to all the good that is already here. And yes to all the good that continues to come.

I kinda like that pipeline also.


2 thoughts on “Harvesting Business Clarity

  1. RT @myndemayfield: new m2 = Harvesting Business Clarity http://bit.ly/cpscSt


  2. lol – love the caption in the picture: @myndemayfield Harvesting Business Clarity http://bit.ly/cb7ypW


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