The Care & Feeding of a Baby Blog

So you’ve created (well really, you and I created) this nice new place on the web, that’s all you. Your brilliance. Your thing. For sale. And most likely for free, are your thoughts, expressed in the form of writing.  All hanging out there naked. For other people to read. And sometimes react or respond to (comments, emails).

It can be a lil nerve-wracking. In the beginning. And getting over and around your pressing-publish-button fears can be a very necessary distraction. You’ve got to see if you can do this. If you can bare your soul to win your ultimate freedom… getting paid to do what you love!

And this post is actually about something even more important. It’s about taking care of the baby once it’s born. Keeping its immunization records up-to-date. So it can become a nice healthy blog, stable for the receiving of all your good creative mojo and optimystical expansion.

This week, I discovered a gigantic gaping hole. And that was, that I haven’t really been telling you the whole story behind the importance of keeping your baby blog immunized or….. updating.

You know, you land on your WordPress admin panel and there is a little circle next to the plugins nav (just like when you have a comment) or this nagging message at the near-top of your admin screen that says something like “Upgrade to WordPress 3.0.1. Please update now.”

Yes, I’ve done this video post on how to upgrade your WordPress software. And talked about backing up your WordPress installation regularly, especially right before a Mercury Retrograde. I’ve also tackled showing y’all how to update your Thesis theme (plus covered several other very helpful topics) here in my video library.

But I think somewhere in translation, while having fun & taking it slow and easy with you, I forgot to emphasize the point of this here post:

If you don’t upgrade your WordPress software, your blog will go poof.

Updating WordPress

WordPress isn’t asking us to upgrade to their latest & greatest simply to introduce cool new features & functionality. They are patching security vulnerabilities in the WordPress software core. Not because WordPress sucks (WordPress is actually god. Period), but because more and more people are using WordPress which makes it a big target.

Updating Plugins

Right after WordPress software upgrades, come plugin upgrades. I’ve also done a video tutorial on what they are and how to upgrade them. Super easy. And again, hackers are looking for vulnerabilities and plugins are one way into the core of your blog, and so become another target of said malicious intentions.
Click for full screen version.

Looking for video help like this?
Check out the Video Library

Updating Your Thesis Theme

After plugins, your theme files are also a target. Make sure your theme is always up-to-date and upgrade it regularly. The creator of the Thesis theme will email you when introducing a new version. (Those emails are often forwarded to me… with a “please help me” distress call embedded in them).

In my custom Thesis web design package, I offer 90-minutes of online teaching/training/showing. I’m thinking going through the steps of learning how to upgrade & backup your blog are things you can definitely do. Once you know, what to do.

Wanna know what to do? Set up an online training session with me for some hand holding through the maze (or gawd forbid, to perform blog resuscitation… Which I did this weekend. The babe was in ICU for the first few days of the week, doing well now and we expect will have a full recovery).

Happy optimystical endings!

And… perform upgrades promptly & plan regular backups for your blogs ladies!


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