Short Sweet Smudge

I smudge to clear a space. A room, a house, myself.

I smudge when I’m changing. I change shape, I change my mind, I change my hair color from blond to dark brown, border-line black.

When I smudge, I acknowledge growth. Or change. I honor the past. Thank it. In through the nose… exhale.

Come sit in the smudge. Watch the sunlight catch in a swirl. And disappear. Like the past, easing it goodbye gently. Realizing that some goodbyes can also mean I love you.

And with intention and ritual, clear your space.


2 thoughts on “Short Sweet Smudge

  1. Love the smudge. I hit up every corner & watch the cats sneeze.


  2. i smudge when i feel lost. when i don’t know what is coming next and it bothers me ( i never know what is coming next but somedays that gets under my skin) i smudge when little children ask me ” Grandma…what do you do with this? ” holding up my smudge stick. So then I take it out and begin to sing: the river is flowing/ flowing and growing/ the river is flowing/down to the sea
    and they very seriously stand quiet. feeling the warmth above their skin on their healthy arms and above their heads. I wonder what happens for them?


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