Aweber or Feedburner?

Writing is easy, when you are open to receiving the prompts given endlessly by life. (This post is inspired by my latest new client from Milan, Italy. Yes, Italy… as in Eat, Pray, Love… and her Italiano accent is delish!)

So, if you are new to my blog, I’ll say again, I help women who are just starting out. You may have a static web presence, or both a static web presence and a blog or maybe you want to add a blog to your static web presence.

Or, maybe after playing around in the micro-bizness entrepreneurial internets, you’ve realized that each and every web presence you create requires time/energy/attention to maintain and grow it so, like me, you’ve combined it all into one place.

My web clients come to me because they are just beginning to figure it all out… and want some hand-holding along the way.

That’s where I come in and help you figure out what’s best for you, right now.

Sometimes, just the expense of creating the web presence itself is the investment. If you are working with me, you’ll know it’s never finished and you keep on expanding. Yourself and your biz and the web presence you’ve created to go with it.

In the beginning, you don’t have a lot of cash. However, you do want to make it easier for people who are visiting your new shiny web presence to be in contact with you. It’s a form of leveraging your investment.

One way to do this is by offering a way for your visitors to “opt-in” to receiving email messages from you every time you post. This is the best place to begin. Caveat here is you will continue expanding.

This is why I recommend Feedburner. It’s (another) free service from Google. I talk about using it and setting it up your self in the video tutorial of this post. It’s also just one of the many items on the checklist of web presence essentials I offer in my one-and-only webification package.

But maybe you’ve heard about Aweber? And you want to know which is better.

Essentially, at some point, we can expand beyond what our current foundation, tools or skill set can offer.

I talk about this a lot actually, especially when comparing Blogger with WordPress. Even though I admit that WordPress is god, it’s not the best place for everyone to begin. We need smaller steps and Blogger helps the technology novice practice being a web content publisher; building up your bloggy skills which are then transferred when you decide Blogger just isn’t enough.

Same will be true with Feedburner. You’ll know it’s not enough for you anymore when you want more control over what your emails look like and when they go out to your list of subscribers.

But it’ll cost ya.

So this would be the perfect time to consider Aweber. For a low monthly recurring cost of $19 a month, you can get this added flexibility with your email automation plus much more.

So what happens though, with your Feedburner subscribers once you decide to migrate to Aweber?

Well fortunately, both Aweber and Feedburner play nicely together. The biggest drawback to moving to Aweber is that your Feedburner subscribers will have to “opt-in” again to Aweber because of it’s strict anti-spam policy.

The workaround for this is simply to write a post about it. Since it will hit your Feedburner subscriber’s inbox anyway, you can get them on board with your expansion and invite them to opt-in again.

Not totally elegant, but really, honestly, what growth and expansion ever is?

I would recommend not letting your list grow too big before you migrate it though. You will have some drop off. Don’t fret. We are never in one place for very long anyway.

So my bottom line and why I recommend Feedburner out the gate is it’s free. And pretty easy to use and install.

If you are serious about growing your list and have the financial resources to commit to the recurring monthly fee straight out the gate, Aweber is the premier email automation and list building tool.

  • Need help figuring out how to use your Aweber account? I can help.
  • Need a web presence that shines with the brilliance of you? I can help.
  • Need to free yourself from limiting thoughts about your ability to really do this (the web thang, the entrepreneur thang or any other thang you deem important in your life)? Yes, I can help with that too.

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4 thoughts on “Aweber or Feedburner?

  1. This is a great post, Mynde!

    As one of Mynde’s clients, I am light years from the fearful of tech-ness client I started out as. I migrated from Blogger to WordPress–and from Feedburner to AWeber. I am darn proud to be able to say that I am tech confident. When I need support, I always know that Mynde is there to get me where I need to go.

    Here’s five solid reasons to hire Mynde!
    1. She knows her tech stuff and is a great designer. Period.
    2. She knows how to teach/share her stuff gracefully and clearly.
    3. She is a great listener and she brilliantly translates what she hears into design, support or teaching.
    4. She is affordable.
    5. She is a woman of integrity and she is generous and she’s fast!


  2. This is why I usually tell people to use mailchimp as opposed to aweber as it’s free fro the first 500 subscribers, and has much better performance and features.


  3. Thanks Anthony, for stopping by. I’ve heard a little bit about MailChimp but haven’t actually done the side-by-side comparison. Most of the time, my clients are asking about Aweber, but when/if that begins to change, I’ll address it.


  4. Reading this post by @myndemayfield has got me thinking about switching my blog email subscription to Aweber:


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